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More About Carlsbro Drums

From quaint Nottinghamshire beginnings to international acclaim, Carlsbro has been producing custom quality amplifiers and electronic drums to a mass market for generations. Carlsbro known for their amplifiers have produced a quite amazing array of electronic drums from the most basic drum pad (Okto A) to the D600 professional electronic drumkit. Designed in the UK and manufactured in the company's huge Ningbo facility Carlsbro is able to offer cutting-edge electronics with market leading prices.

With a plethora of demands from drummers new and old, Carlsbro has looked to create a wide variety of electronic drums. The entry-level Okto A, Rock 50, and Club 100 are ideal for a drummer's first electronic kit giving them a flavour of what is possible. The CS series of kits has an astounding fifteen options from the simply designed yet outstanding tone of the D120, D130, and D130m through to the professional level D500 and D600 electronic kits able to produce 30 full drum kit tones with 408 percussion voices and effects to replicate live-room tonality.

With a history in amp manufacturing stretching back as far as 1959 it's no wonder that Carlsbro produces some of the world's best drum amplification. The UK design team has been able to use their combined years' worth of electronic expertise to create drum amplifiers that not only sound immaculate but look amazing as well. The EDA range of drum amplifiers offers a variety of amplification from the perfect for home use EDA 30 all the way to the booming presence of the EDA200S. With the complexity of tones from the most complex of electronic drum kits Carlsbro technicians have been able to produce a range of drum amplification that can harness the range of frequencies and sonic nuances produced from the array of drum heads, replicating them authentically to give the electronic drummer the most honest sound possible.