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Education & Bass: FREE Resources for Budding DJs and Producers

Education & Bass: FREE Resources for Budding DJs and Producers

Education & Bass: The Future of Online Music Production Courses Is Now

We know how hard things are currently. Between lockdown and home-schooling, it is hard to find the time – let alone the motivation – to do anything. Getting started can be a chore within itself: finding the right information, finding the right gear/software/etc.?

As DJs, musicians, and producers, we know how rewarding it can be to have a creative outlet to fall back on. Therefore, we are pleased to have teamed up with Education & Bass to offer free resources for anyone interested in picking up music production and DJing, making your pathway into creative freedom as smooth as possible.

Who Are Education & Bass Courses For?

  • Music Students looking for support or structure along their learning journey.
  • Music Teachers seeking inspiration or support with resources for delivering music technology.
  • Parents looking for ways to entertain and inspire youngsters.
  • Budding DJs or Producers who have always thought about getting into DJing or music production but never had the time or confidence.
  • Anyone and Everyone!

Who Are Education & Bass?

As a touring professional, Education & Bass founder Andrew Ferguson (Nomine aka Outrage), recognised a growing audience of enthusiasts eager to understand how he crafted his music and how he embraced and integrated evolving technology, just as much as they loved his sets. Prior to gigs, he would provide Q&As, workshops, seminars, etc., to bridge the expanding gulf in music and music tech education.

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Taking that idea online in 2017, the Education & Bass platform has been embraced by clubs and educational establishments across the globe with an ever-growing audience eager to take advantage of their carefully curated content covering a vast range of topics from creating arrangements to overcoming writer’s block.

Education & Bass boasts a treasure trove of content along with their unique mentor-led support system, which is designed to provide a holistic learning experience for anyone interested in learning about the music business, music theory, music production, and so much more.

Their roster of artists, industry specialists, and college/university lecturers is impressive to say the least. Not only do you get to benefit from their decades’ worth of combined industry knowledge from active professionals, but you can also rest assured that – if you wish to - you can study up to an internationally accredited, industry-recognised qualification on their EBRSL Graded Ultimate Music Production Course.

At the core of their philosophy, Education & Bass thrives on sharing production techniques, advice and guidance on industry practices and performance, contextualising music history and culture, and building a community of like-minded individuals as a forum for discussion on all aspects of music.

What Do You Need To Do?

If all of this sounds like something that you, your pupils or children would be interested in then here is what you need to do:

If you’re a parent of a child under 16, or someone under 16 looking to start in music production or DJing then follow the link below:

You will receive access to 2 free courses, 1 for music production and 1 for DJing, along with 100+ other shorter tutorials on the Education & Bass website. Both courses have been created using free software which can be accessed via your internet browser, which makes them perfect for beginners.

If you are a tutor or student at a Further Education or Higher Education establishment then follow the link appropriate to you:

These links will give FREE access to Education & Bass website content and standard membership for the full academic year, worth £99.99!

Hopefully, these courses can help you to flex your creative muscles or offer the chance to explore new possibilities. Who knows, it could be the first step along the way to a lifetime of creative bliss – or even picking up a Grammy...

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