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Blackstar Guitar Amplification: A Brief History

The Blackstar story is not as lengthy as some but what they have achieved in such a short space of time nothing short of extraordinary. From an idea generated in 2004 to prototypes completed in 2007 and an official launch and Frankfurt Musik Messe later that year, the Blackstar team prove that great strides can be made when you are dedicated to your craft. Since then the Blackstar team have extended their reach from their base in Northampton across the world, with players on every continent benefitting from their tireless striving for perfection.

Blackstar Amps For All

The Blackstar roster features a diverse array of artists who cover every genre conceivable from blues to death metal. Whether you opt for their hand-wired Artisan models or jump for bleeding-edge technology with their Silverline range, Blackstar apply their uniquely innovative approach to each and every product. For those who like their tones heavy and as brutally punishing as they can get, Blackstar’s legendary Series One guitar amps have you covered. Tonal flexibility by the bucket load, supreme valve power, professional connectivity options, and tank-like construction are all reasons why these amps won awards and plaudits from publications such as Guitarist, Guitar Player, Total Guitar, and Guitar World.

Their Fly range of portable amplifiers cover acoustic, bass, and electric guitars with Bluetooth options for wireless freedom. For those who want it all-in-one the ID:Core Beam does just that by accommodating acoustic, bass, and electric guitars in a single amp.

Their Sonnet acoustic amplifier range is feature-packed to say the least. Designed to exceed the demands of professionals such as the enigmatic Jon Gomm, the Sonnet strives to simply amplify the natural response of your acoustic instrument rather than blemishing or colouring your tone in any way. There are both live- and studio-friendly features, which serves to highlight the length that Blackstar will go to in perfecting their product.

Not to be left out, the Unity series offers the same level of tonal power and versatility that electric guitarists have enjoyed to bass guitarists. Again, innumerable hours of technical research and testing went into the production of the Unity range, and the awesome power on offer belies their diminutive footprint. Not only that but Blackstar manage to pack in compression, switchable effects, a raft of connectivity options, and they are lightweight too.

Let us not forget that Blackstar also produce award-winning pedals too. There is the compact LT range and the imperious HT range, which features high-voltage (300V) circuitry and tone to die for. From bedroom playing wannabes to stadium-filling supremos, there is a Blackstar amp and/or pedal for every player and every occasion.