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Hollow Body Electric Guitars

Hollow Body and Semi Hollow Body Guitars often evoke past era and work particularly well for Jazz, Blues and Country styles of music. Hollow Body and Semi Hollow Body Guitars also have the benefit of providing some resonance when unplugged, which adds to their unique tonal nature when you do decide to run them through an amp. At Dawsons Music we have a wide variety of Hollow and Semi Hollow Body Guitars from big brands such as Gretsch, Hagstrom, Danelectro and more! Not sure what Hollow Body or Semi Hollow Body Guitar is for you? Then check out our buying guide here.


What is the difference between Hollowbody & Semi-Hollowbody guitars?

It is worth noting that there is often confusion between hollow body and semi-hollow body models.

The key difference between the two is that hollow body guitars feature a single-interior chamber, whilst semi-hollow body models incorporate a centre-block through the central cavity of the body.

The hollow body design allows sound waves to reverberate freely and generate characteristic warmth and texture. As lush as the sound may be, a hollow body can become susceptible to feedback at high volumes. However, the semi-hollow body centre-block tempers unwanted overtones and thrives when given a nudge through a saturated amp at its peak.

Whether you’re kicking back in your own private hideaway playing along to some tunes, laying down tracks in the studio or taking to the stadium stage, rest assured that you’re doing it in the coolest of fashion when you’re doing it with a hollow body guitar.

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