Electro Harmonix Chillswitch Momentary Line Selector Guitar Pedal

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Currently out of stock
Currently out of stock
  • Can be used as killswitch or FX loop send and return
  • Dual state footswitch operation to suit your playing style
  • Mute your instrument when no effects loop is connected for instant signal control
  • Silent switching prevents unwanted pops and clicks
  • Buffered bypass is perfect for long signal chains
  • Can be powered by either 9V battery or power supply
  • Ultra-rugged design makes the pedal perfect for gigging with
  • Pedalboard-friendly size and slips into any setup discreetly


The Electro Harmonix Chillswitch Momentary Line Selector Guitar Pedal isn't just a useful killswitch for cutting out your instrument signal at a moment's notice - it is a far more versatile beast.

In Kill Mode, the Chillswitch provides instant muting, which can be paired with a range of effects to create a unique stutter effect. The Kill setup can be arranged in one of two ways by utilising the Engage rotary switch. When set to Engage:Thru, the input signal is sent to the amp when the footswitch is pressed. When the footswitch is released, the amp output is muted. When set to Engage:FX, the amp output is muted when the footswitch is pressed, and unmuted when it is released.

In Line Selector mode, the Chillswitch allows you to switch rapidly between an effects loop and your guitar's dry signal by pressing the footswitch. Depending on the effects in your loop, you can create anything from an overdriven wall of noise to an intricately executed delay/reverb wash - the boundaries are yours to push beyond.

The Line Selector mode footswitch operation can be setup in the same way the in Kill mode, with the footswitch taking on dual states based on the setting of the Engage rotary switch.

The Send rotary switch enables the choosing between sending the input signal to the Send jack at all times, or only when the FX Loop is active (the Send control is not operative in Kill mode). Continuously sending a signal via the Send output is useful for effects such as delay, whilst momentary activation is useful for envelope triggered effects such as auto-wah.

As you can see, though it may be small and unassuming, the Electro Harmonix Chillswitch Momentary Line Selector Guitar Pedal is a very adaptable little unit that would make a fine addition to any pedalboard setup. As with all EHX pedals the Chillswitch is built like an absolute tank, and all you need to get up and running is a 9V battery or power supply.

ManufacturerElectro Harmonix
ModelChillswitch Momentary Line Selector Guitar Pedal
Dimensions (H x W x D) 54 x 70 x 115 mm
Impedance Input: 2.2 MOhm
Return: 2.2 MOhm
Amp: 220 Ohms
Send: 220 Ohms
Connectivity Inputs: Input; Return
Outputs: Amp; Send
9V DC Input
Current Draw25mA
Included Accessories9-Volt battery

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