Electro Harmonix Next Step Pan Guitar Effects Pedal

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Currently out of stock

Please Call 01925 582 420 for Availability

  • Unique motion sensor technology guarantees that signal control is accurate, highly responsive, and offers supreme expression control
  • Pan mono input to two stereo outputs smoothly
  • Blend two inputs to a single output
  • Can also be used a mono/stereo volume pedal
  • Ultra-rugged design makes the pedal perfect for gigging with
  • No pots, footswitches or gears that can breakdown
  • Instant bypass switching is completely silent
  • Includes 9-Volt battery; optional power supply can also be used to power pedal


The Electro Harmonix Next Step Pan Guitar Effects Pedal offers the freedom of movement, without any moving parts! There are no pots, footswitches or gears present, instead you have a highly responsive pedal that guarantees maximum precision over the stereo imaging of your guitar (or another musical instrument). Whether you're looking to create elaborate stereo images, ping pong between two amps, or mimic a Leslie-style effect then this is an awesome pedal for the job.

The Pan pedal can be used to pan a single output to two outputs, blend two inputs to a single output, or as a mono or stereo volume pedal. To get started, simply plug your instrument into the left input, then connect each output to a separate amplifier or effects chain. Once the EHX logo in the centre of the pedal is illuminated, you're good to go! Bear in mind that the pedal is equipped with buffered bypass, so when effect mode is activated the light is on, and off when it is in bypass mode.

Unique Next Step design

Utilising motion sensor technology enables EHX to create the seamless signal control within the Pan pedal. The single chassis design features a wedge on one side, which allows the unit to be rocked back and forth to create the panning motion. Calibrating the pedal is easy, and within seconds you'll up and running - perfect for tailoring your gear to any performance environment with minimum effort.

As we've come to expect from the team at Electro Harmonix, the unit is rock solid. Whether it is primarily for practising with at home, studio use, or taking on the road, you can rest assured that this faithful little unit will be with you every step of the way. All you need to keep it powered up and running is a 9V battery or power supply unit (optional).

ManufacturerElectro Harmonix
ModelNext Step Pan Guitar Effects Pedal
Impedance Input: 2 MOhm
Output: 1kOhm
Connectivity Inputs: Left (Mono); Right
Outputs: Left (Mono); Right
9V DC Input
Current Draw24mA
Included Accessories9-Volt battery

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