Essentials Complete Vocal Recording Booth Bundle

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In stock and ready to dispatch!
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  • Everything you need to get the best vocal recording from your existing condenser microphone
  • A portable and foldable microphone booth for reducing ambient noise
  • An adjustable pop filter to eliminate turbulance noises from P's and B's
  • A high quality boom stand with telescopic height adjustment
  • Obtain crystal clear vocal recording in one fuss-free package
  • Perfect for studio recording of vocals or close-mic acoustic instruments
  • Smart and professional visage looks great in any studio


So you have a condenser microphone or may be thinking about getting one? That's a great first step to getting quality recordings but what about if you want professional quality without the fuss of having to buy many separate components? The Essentials Complete Vocal Recording Booth Bundle is here to make sure you get outstanding vocal and close-mic instrument recordings in one take!

The Elipse Vocal Booth

The Elipse vocal booth is perfect for the studio. The metal frame is lined with a polyester fibreboard and then lined further with high-density 'crystal' foam. This has been crafted with a ribbed design for maximum diffusion and is also flexible so that it can be folded. This means the Elipse can go anywhere with you for the best vocal capture when you need it.

Telescopic Boom Stand

The Essentials Stage Microphone Telescopic Boom Stand is a robust, adjustable mic-stand with a sturdy base, telescopic boom arm, and height adjuster for all general recording and live applications. The central pole is connected via a sturdy bracket to a tripod stand, with each leg having a rubberised foot to guarantee a secure grip with the surface it is placed on whilst minimising environmental vibrations from interfering with your recordings.

PF1 Pop Filter

A pop filter is a great way to instantly improve your vocal recordings, by using a pop filter, you eliminate any unwanted voice "pops" that occur during your performances from P and B consonant sounds. The Essentials PF1 Pop Filter also doubles as a shield for your microphone, stopping any rogue mouth material from getting into the mesh and thus expanding the lifespan of your mic.

For studio's of all levels and sizes, if you want to get the purest recordings from a condenser mic possible, this is the best bundle out there! Time to up your recording quality game.

ModelComplete Vocal Recording Booth Bundle
Included Items Essentials Elipse Vocal Booth
Essentials PF1 Pop Filter
Essentials Stage Microphone Telescopic Boom Stand
Elipse Material Outer: Metal
Middle: Polyester Fibreboard
Inner: Crystal foam

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