Essentials Percussion Double Bass Drum Pedal

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  • Double bass drum pedal with superb response time
  • Heavy-duty construction for extended durability
  • Road-worthy construct, ideal as gigging or practice pedal
  • Fine-tuned adjustable control to suit your playing preferences
  • Easy to build and pack down when gigging
  • Chain driven for excellent precision
  • Double kick capability at a very impressive price


A solid double kick pedal

The Essential Percussion double bass drum pedal offers a lightning-fast response with a ruggedly built, road-ready construction that is highly affordable for all. Utilising some professional features, this reliable pedal would make an excellent choice for starter or beginner drummers, or even semi-pro's that want to move on to double bass pedaling technique.

Whether you're a high-intensity, big-hitter who likes to hammer pedals like there's no tomorrow, or prefer to use a lighter touch with heavy emphasis on finesse over power, then the excellent fine-tuning capabilities of the Essentials Percussion double bass drum pedal allows you to set the tension to your exacting standards.

The Essentials Percussion Bass Drum Pedal also uses a chain system making it react with brilliant accuracy and also making it very hard-wearing.

Always keep a spare

If you're a bedroom enthusiast, a routine session player or a regular gigging musician, this pedal allows you to get the job done with ease. Even if you already have a preferred pedal to gig with, at this price you can easily afford to pick up an Essentials Percussion pedal. It is a more than worthy back up should the worst case scenario rear its ugly head, allowing you to get on with the gig without missing a beat.

Manufacturer Essentials Percussion
Model Double Bass Drum Pedal
Pedal TypeDouble Bass Drum Pedal
Posted on 05/09/2012 by This is a great heavy-duty pedal that is easy to use. The pedal allows a strong sharp attack and a variety of speeds from slow to super-fast. The ability to easily adjust spring tension allows for a versatile kick pedal.
Posted on 06/02/2012 by This is a very well made bass pedal: strong and makes for a great sound.

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