eStudio Monitor Isolation - 2 Pad Set

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  • Isolation surfaces for your studio monitors
  • Smart dark finish ideal for any home or studio
  • Improve signal precision and eliminate diffraction
  • Minimize unwanted resonance for a better mixing and listening experience
  • Ideal for all makes and models of studio monitors or home speaker systems
  • Cutaway design allows you to have monitors straight or angled downwards
  • Made for stereo monitor set-ups


To get the best mixing and listening experience possible from your monitor or speaker system, there are many things you can do. Correct positioning combined with acoustic treatment can result in a drastic difference of sound. The eStudio Monitor Isolation 2 pad set is one such low-cost purchase you can make to gain a huge positive difference to your sound.

Eliminate bad vibes

Placing monitors or speakers on hard surfaces is one of the main culprits for creating unwanted vibrations that can distort your sound and thus ruin your mix. The dense foam construction of the eStudio Monitor Isolation pads mean that this vibration does not reach the surface which in turn gives you a purer, uncompromised signal which is much better for mixing with.

Better positioning

The eStudio Monitor Isolation pads come with an angle piece pre-cut so that you have the choice of positioning your monitors facing straight on, or with a slight incline or decline which is ideal for getting that "sweet spot" firmly aimed at your ears.

When you buy the eStudio Monitor Isolation pads, you get many benefits at a low cost. Be it for bettering your mixing capabilities or just to improve the listening experience of your home hi-fi, the eStudio Monitor Isolation pads give you premium acoustic treatment that will impress the most audio concious with ease.

Model NameMonitor Isolation Pad Set
FinishDark Grey
Pads2 x Angle Cut

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