Fender Champion 20 Combo Guitar Amplifier

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Currently out of stock
  • Portable combo guitar amplifier with selectable amp voices
  • 20 watt solid state amplifier delivers a good amount of power
  • 8 inch Fender Special Design speakers
  • Multiple built in effects including Reverb, Delay/Echo, Chorus, Tremolo, and Vibratone
  • TAP button to set delay time and tremolo speed
  • Stereo 1/8 inch aux input for use with a media player
  • 1/8 inch headphone output for silent practise
  • Vintage style skirted black plastic control knobs


The Fender Champion 20 is a simple to use, and incredibly versatile combo guitar amplifier. Delivering an awesome selection of warm tones, the Champion 20 has been designed as the perfect all-round portable guitar amplifier to get you rocking out with minimal fuss, making it fantastic for both practising and performing.

The solid state design features a single channel that produces classic Fender clean tones, as well as hosting a wide range of built-in effects including - but not limited to - Reverb, Delay/Echo, Chorus, Tremolo and Vibratone. The impressive array of effects allows you to experiment with your tone, from creating smooth shimmering delays to incredible depth and space. Shaping your output is very easy, which helps to make the process highly enjoyable. The delay also comes equipped with a Tap tempo button, which allows you to dial in the exact tempo that you wish the delay to operate at.

As well as built-in effects, the Champion 20 is loaded with several amp voices, enabling you to pull an astonishingly complex range of tones from the amp with ease. Whether you're looking for a straight up clean tone, a dirty tweed sound, gritty British amp roar, or a heavy metal snarl, all you need to do is dial in your desired tone and play. The compact 8" speaker can easily handle whatever you run through it, making it ideal for someone looking for an amp that responds well to many different musical styles.

The Fender Champion 20 comes with a 1/8" headphone output so you can practise your chops day and night without annoying the neighbours. There is also an 1/8" inch auxiliary input so you can connect an external media device and play along to your favourite songs or practise with a backing track.

The Fender Champion 20 combo guitar amplifier is an incredibly versatile little practise partner, and is great for when you want to jam with your friends. Whether you're just starting out or have been playing for years, you'll be pleasantly surprised by how powerful this beauty is.

ModelChampion 20
Dimensions (H x W x D) 325 x 350 x 190 mm
Amplifier TypeSolid State
ControlsMaster Volume On Each Channel
EffectsReverb, Delay/Echo, Chorus, Tremolo, Vibratone, and More
Inputs 1/4" Jack, 1/8" Stereo For Use With A Media Player
Outputs1/8" Headphone Output
Channels1 Channel With Selectable Amp Voice
Speaker1 x 8" Special Design Speaker
KnobsBlack Vintage-Style Skirted
Grille CoverBlack "Bronco" Vinyl Covering with Silver Grille Cloth
EAN 0885978320479
Posted on 24/11/2019 by MY name is Joshua mckinnell I have worked my way through so many and and wasnt happy with them until It was segessted that I try the champion I erge u if ur looking at and trying it out youl end up buying it just like I did and as I said befor best amp I ever brought
Posted on 14/06/2018 by Lovely practice amp which looks like a proper Fender combo. 20W 8" speaker can kick out some sound but, luckily, the volume pot has good control at the low end, so you can set to bedroom volumes quite easily. The amp models give you a great range from clean through to metal. The ideal tone control settings are different between models, something to bear in mind for getting the best out of each model. In particular the metal tones need much different EQ from the crunch models to show their best. The effects give a reasonable basic bit of sound enhancement. The reverb and chorus always seems to have too much reverb and not enough chorus for my tastes. Other effects are fine and the touch wah is one of the best I've come across in terms of touch sensitivity - well-balanced.

It's not perfect, of course. It makes quite a thump when you turn it off. The tap tempo setting isn't remembered when switching effects, so the chorus and delay are always too fast for me. Then there are things like: no mid eq, one channel only, no post-amp fx loop, etc. But these are things for a bigger, more expensive amp rather than for this little gem.

Dawsons sent mine out with a European power lead, which is not great customer service. But I have plenty of spare leads so it's not a problem for me and not Fender's fault.
Posted on 25/05/2015 by Great little amp. Takes up so little room, very light, more like a typical 10-watter in overall size. 'Proper amp' in miniature. Stacks of volume, the sound is genuinely huge for such a small box. The Tweed and Blackface voicings are lovely for what I play (Merle Travis type stuff and blues), the others are ok but nothing special. There's no really chunky modern distortion tone. Effects are easy to use and the tap tempo button is a big bonus, makes it dead easy to set the delay time and sweep. Reverbs are very 'wet' so you only need it on 3-4 for a nice spacious tone. Wah surprisingly responsive to pick dynamics. Unless you need a really heavy modern distortion tone it does it all for practice purposes. It was this or a Roland Cube for me, but the traditional feel and front-mounted controls swung it. Great service from Dawsons, by the way.

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