Fender Reflecting Pool Reverb/Delay Guitar Effects Pedal

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Currently out of stock

Please Call 01925 582 420 for Availability

  • Fender Reflecting Pool is a Delay and Reverb in one unit
  • Use Delay and Reverb independently or stacked
  • Tap your subdivision in with the tap foot-switch
  • Three choices of Room, Hall or Spatial Reverb
  • Three choices of Digital, Analogue or Tape Delay
  • Rugged and sturdy enough for live use with Backlit LEDs for easy level changing in dark environments


There is an invisible relationship between Delay and Reverb, time. Fender thinks it's about time we had these two effects available in one pedal but still fully featured, independent effects, but still can be combined.

A dial in time

The Reverb portion of the Reflecting pool has decay, damp and level as expected with the addition of a three-way choice between room, hall and spatial Reverb types with a three-way variation switch. There is a dial marked extra and will shape tone.

Delays Expected

The delay section also has some features we might expect including a time division listed in music notation. There are rate, depth and feedback controls as well as a level. The delay has a subdivision and quality switch both three-way, the subdivision is split between three percentiles and there is a mix dial between the main delay and the subdivided delay. There are three delay types which are digital, analogue and echo.

A new unit of time

The Reflector pool is an ingenious way to downsize your pedal board but maintaining those great effects. The Delay/Reverb is housed in an anodized Aluminium Case and is rugged and sturdy enough for prolonged live use. You can use the effects independently or mixed and there is a tap foot-switch to determine the time divisions of the delay. There are backlit LEDs so you can see what level your dials are at when you are on a dark stage. The double effect unit is an absolute steal at the price and is finished in stylish blue metallic.

Model NameReflecting Pool Delay/Reverb
Country Of OriginCN
Dimensions2.90x4.90x5.40 IN
Weight1.70 LB

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