Festival Season Essentials

  • Guitars

    Travel-Sized Models

    Close Up Of Acoustic Guitar

    Festival-friendly acoustics - light price, light weight.

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  • Mini Amps

    Portable Power

    Close Up Of Guitar Effects Pedal

    No power? No problem with these battery capable amps

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  • Ukuleles

    Petite Perfection

    Close Up Of Electric Guitar

    Not much room in the backpack? We've got just the thing!

    Uke can do it
  • Percussion

    Makes friends with beats

    Close Up Of Electro Acoustic Guitar

    Percussion that doubles up as an extra seat around the campfire! Get comfy and create beats.

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  • Headphones & Speakers

    Perfect for unwinding

    Microphone, Cable, and Mic Stand Adaptor

    No bands on? Keep the music going for you and your friends.

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  • Accessories

    All you need

    Pair of Studio Monitoring Headphones

    Everything for making you louder to making others quieter

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