Genelec 7040A Studio Sub Woofer

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  • Genelec are one of the worlds leading audio brands
  • Comprehensive support documentation to get the perfect studio sound
  • Laminar Spiral Enclosure for professional level bass articulation
  • Intelligent Signal Sensing, Genelecs sustainable products conserve power draw when not in use
  • Room Response Compensation, adjustable dip switches to tailor the sound to your unique envrionment
  • Protection Circuitry senses peak signals to ensure against damage to internal electronics


Genelec is a Finnish pro audio manufacturer who has been creating professional audio equipment since 1978. Believing in sustainable and authentic sounding audio, Genelec has strived to provide colourless speakers and monitors for professional studios and home studios alike. Genelec also pioneered active speakers, with innovation and accuracy at the heart of their ethos. Genelec understands that home studios can be varied in size and complexity so have created high output, small form speakers that can pack the necessary punch while still being discrete.

Laminar Spiral Enclosure

Genelec's 7040A Studio Sub Woofer is a product of their intense focus on innovation. The vibration of particles can be an imprecise science yet Genelec has engineered order in chaos. Similar to the principle of airflow over the wing of a plane the 7040A Studio Sub Woofer is designed to precisely express sonic pressure so as to maximise the most accurate output of sound at the desired frequency and volume. In order to best articulate the bass frequencies, they have designed the speaker housing in a spiral formation, constructed from rigid aluminium for ultimate air flow. The 7040A Studio Sub Woofer design keeps the housing to a minimum ensuring a small footprint ideal for home or small studio work. Genelec speakers have an adaptive room response so as to provide the fullest most accurate sonic experience possible. The Genelec 7040A Studio Sub Woofer also includes protection circuitry, the circuitry senses signal levels and depending on whether there are continuous peaks will lower the power without affecting the sound and protecting the speaker from any damage.

Professional studio quality at home studio prices

Genelec has packed an incredible amount of features into a small but highly polished product. They are world leaders in the audio performance of colourless studio equipment and the Genelec 7040A would be a great addition to any home studio. Genelec provides plenty of documentation to maximise your experience of its products and have an excellent reputation within the industry. The 7040A is not only feature-packed but robustly built for the most challenging audio tasks.

DimnesionsH 41.0 x W 35.0 x D 20.5cm
Max Volume100 dB
Speakers1 x Wooffer 6.5"
Input2 x XLR input 2 x XLR Outputs
Power sourceMains

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