Gibson Modern Vintage Guitar Strap

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From: £70.00
Currently out of stock
  • Guitar strap combining classic looks with modern design
  • Made of Latigo cowhide, with soft, garment leather
  • ½ inch memory foam padding
  • Moveable shoulder pad
  • Heavy-duty nickel buckle
  • 3.1 inches wide, and 45.5 inches - 57.5 inches in length


The Modern Vintage guitar strap is, as the name suggests, a guitar strap that combines elements of both classic and modern design. Aesthetically, it has a time-tested vintage appearance. Beneath, however, there are some modern touches, for comfort and convenience.

The strap and pad outer are made of premium Latigo cowhide. For the uninitiated, this is a particularly tough type of leather, which is often used for outdoor situations, or where it needs to be able to survive a long life of usage and wear. This is backed by much softer, garment leather, for comfort.

At the centre of the pad is ½ inch thick piece of memory foam. This material is designed to soften with body heat, then adapt to body shape, ensuring the minimum or pressure at contact points. In a guitar straps, this means that the point where the strap touches your shoulder will be as comfortable as they can possibly be, with weight distributed evenly across the pad. The pad can be moved around the strap, to find the most comfortable position.

Adjustment is via an easy to use, heavy duty nickel buckle, and the strap, which measures 3.1 inch in width, can be adjusted between 45.5 inches and 57.5 inches - plenty even for large players.

Like many of the straps in this range, the Gibson Modern Vintage is built to last, and will no doubt age beautifully, much like the great guitar you may be attaching it to.

ModelModern Vintage Guitar Strap
Dimensions Length: 45.5”-57.5”
Width: 3.1”
MaterialLatigo Cowhide, Nickel Buckle
Posted on 07/02/2018 by £70 is a lot to pay for a guitar strap......but this is a lot of strap, for your money. Spreads the load of your 9 pound Gibson. You may not even notice the weight of a good Telecaster or Acoustic. Wonderful leather and high quality hardware. Buy once and enjoy....for a long, long time.

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