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Martin Acoustic Guitars

Knocking out world class acoustic guitars for nearly 200 years, that is what C.F. Martin & Co. do, and they are relentless. They do not simply rely on their heritage. Continuous R&D enables them to capture the magic of their legendary models so that to this day, when you pick up a Martin guitar it is enriched with the glorious character that we’ve come to expect from this historic brand. Simply gorgeous guitars every time.

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C.F. Martin & Co. Guitars: A Brief History

Founded in 1833 by German immigrant Christian Frederick Martin Sr. the company has continued to be a family owned and operated affair for six generations. Adhering to time-honoured tradition whilst managing to stay ahead of the curve through innovative practise, Martin has weathered many a storm, steered its way through huge changes across two centuries, and continues to thrive. Implementing pioneering technologies that have revolutionised the guitar building industry, Martin acoustic guitars not only started it all but set the trend too with the latest being the inspired used of sustainable materials to minimise their environmental impact.

We have Martin to thank for their “X” bracing system for the guitar top, which has been utilised since the 1850s and continues to produce that distinctive Martin tone with brilliant treble and hearty low-end response. We also have Martin to thank for the “Dreadnought” body shape, the “Orchestra” model, and the invention of the 14-fret neck (a step up from the traditional 12-fret).

From Elvis to Ed Sheeran, Martin Guitars have helped pave the way for young artists who are finding their sound and will continue to do so for generations to come.

C.F. Martin & Co. Guitars Ranges

From their Backpacker model that is exactly what you would expect it to be, right through to their Limited Edition and Modern Deluxe Series, all Martin guitars are testament to their brand values. With a Martin you get history, longevity, sustainability, and if you take care of yours then you have a partner for life. Even after receiving years of relentless punishment that could have benched many a guitar, Willie Nelson’s ever-faithful Martin N-20 nylon-string classical acoustic guitar – affectionately named “Trigger” after Roy Rogers’ horse -, is still going strong after over 50 years and 10,000 shows.

Junior and Little Martin series are perfect for those who want a model for younger players and smaller hands. The X and Road series will see touring artists through any gig with gusto, and as you move through the 15, 16, 17 series and beyond you are presented with exceptional build quality, refined craftsmanship unlike any other, and that unique Martin tone that has been a guiding light for centuries.