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Combo Amps | Combo Amplifiers | Guitar Amps

When we talk about Combo Amps, we are talking about a combined amplifier with one or more speakers in a single cabinet. The go-to for virtually every beginner out there across guitar and bass, there are also combo amps for electronic drums, keyboards, and a raft of other electronic instruments.


Gone are the days where you would have to make do with lugging around a hernia inducing amount of weight when gigging – although you still can if that is your preference. Thanks to the likes of Blackstar and Orange we have lightweight solid-state combo amps that offer muscle and power without the back-breaking weight attached.


Leading lines such as the ground-breaking Silverline for guitar and Unity for bass deliver a phenomenal level of control, tonal versatility, and output for days that bring combo amps roaring to the fore in terms of choice for gigging, recording, and home practise.

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