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Boss Guitar Amps

BOSS has been knocking it out of the park since their first release in 1974 with the B-100 (aka The Boss), a clip-on pre-amp and pickup for acoustic guitars. Thereafter came CE-1 Chorus Ensemble in 1976, which borrowed the chorus/vibrato circuit from the Roland JC-120 amplifier.

In recent years BOSS have released their lightweight yet remarkably powerful Katana Amps, ranging from the diminutive Katana Mini to the stage-ready Katana Artist MKII. Producing covetous tones and blistering distortion that even Andreas Kisser of Sepultura coveted in their promo video, the Katana series punches well above its rivals – and we would expect nothing less from BOSS.

As well as revolutionary amps and effects, BOSS also turn out some highly impressive accessories too such as tuners, metronomes, portable recorders, and as part of their awesome Waza Craft range, the immersive Waza Air wireless guitar amp headphones.

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