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Fender Guitars

When it comes to all thing’s guitar (acoustic guitar, bass guitar, electric guitar, guitar amps, guitar effects, guitar accessories) there is one brand name in particular that immediately springs to mind: Fender. From kids to grown-ups looking emulate their idols or blaze their own musical trail, Fender have been giving musicians the tools to do their thing for over 70 years!

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Fender Guitars: A Brief History

With a background as a qualified electronics technician, Leo Fender started Fender’s Radio Service in 1938 before moving on to building musical instrument amplifiers. Fast-forward through the lap steel years to his early steps into electric guitar design with the Broadcaster, and then its successor, the indomitable Telecaster.

From blues and country players of old to today’s experimental two-hand tapping post-rock stalwarts, the Telecaster (or Tele’) has been the go-to for players across every genre conceivable, has come in countless forms with variations in hardware, pickups, colours, woods, and sizes, whilst sticking true to its character and soul – a no nonsense workhorse that plays like a dream and won’t let a gigging professional down.

However, Fender didn’t just rest on his laurels and stop with the Telecaster, he tried to up the ergonomic game with the sleek and curvy Stratocaster. Seen in the hands of many a guitar hero from Hendrix and Gilmour to Clapton and Johnson, the Stratocaster (or Strat’) has done its part to shape the course of music history. Blues, Prog, Funk, Psychedelica, Disco, Punk, Grunge – even neoclassical metal (we’re looking at you Yngwie) – you name it, the Strat’ played a pivotal role.

Let’s not forget the countless other models that have helped spark the minds of creative geniuses across the decades including the Jazzmaster, Jaguar, and Mustang. Add to that Fender’s genius Custom Shop creations, marvel at their unique Signature models, and plethora of inspired ranged including Fender Short Run, Parallel Universe, Duo Sonic, Lead Series, and the HM Strat – is there anything Fender can’t do?

Alongside electric guitars there are Fender’s Precision and Jazz bass, game changers in the field of low-end instrument design. Creating a comfortable, ergonomically designed performance partner for working double-bass players wasn’t easy, yet Fender pulled it off and they’re virtually unchanged from their original design.

As we mentioned Fender knew a thing or two about amp design, designing and building the best-selling tube amp of all time with the Hot Rod Deluxe, as well as luminaries such as the Fender Bassman, Deluxe Reverb, Princeton, and the Fender Twin. The tones produced by these amps are so coveted that countless others strive to emulate them.

Within the Fender Musical Instrument Corporation family, you’ll find Squier, Gretsch, Charvel, and Jackson, which all cater to specialist genres whilst adhering to the same exceptional build-quality and performance we’ve come to expect. Whether you go with a USA, Mexican, Japanese, or Chinese build model, you can rest assured that you get an outstanding instrument every time.