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Music Man Guitars

When you have got artists like John Petrucci and Steve Lukather on your roster of endorsees, you must be doing something right, right? Well Music Man have been doing something right since 1974 and show absolutely no signs of letting up. Founded in part by Leo Fender (yes, THAT Leo Fender), Music Man (technically Ernie Ball Music Man now) have been turning out the good stuff for decades, and their guitars and basses are the gifts that keep on giving. Effortlessly playable, tonally versatile, and available in as many colours as on Joseph’s famous dream coat, there is a Music Man model for everyone.

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Ernie Ball Music Man: A Brief History

Alright so back to 1974 and Music Man took the leap and introduced active electronics to their instruments. Sterling Ball (part of the team in the 70s) was important in the development of the legendary StingRay basses. In 1984 Sterling Ball purchased the company and alongside sons Brian and Scott has gone on to make the company what it is today. Based on the Central Coast of California but with a global reach, the company enforces strict quality standards, still utilises innovative design processes, and promotes the highest quality of craftsmanship. Incorporating robotic machinery alongside hand-finished processing gives Music Man instruments that imperious quality that we all know and love.

Music Man Ranges

With their electric guitars the Music Man signature ranges are like a who’s who of legends including John Petrucci, Steve Lukather, Steve Morse, Albert Lee, alongside modern players like St. Vincent, James Valentine, Hunter Hayes, and Jason Richardson.

As you can see from the list above, Music Man guitars do not cater to any single musical style or artist in particular. From technical metal to pop, fusion to indie, players from all walks flock to the brand for the same reasons. Each and every guitar is designed, machined, milled, buffed, treated, and painted with the same steadfast attention-to-detail. Music Man basses are handled in the same manner.

The StingRay has been a guiding light since its introduction back in 1976 and has become the flagship of the Music Man line. Thanks to its solid road-ready reliability, delightfully comfortable playability, and a sound that is untouchable, its easy to understand why. The Bongo is designed to maximise comfort thanks to its well-balanced design coupled with its highly resonant basswood body and superior Neodymium pickups and 18V active preamp. Before you even factor in effects and amps that is an incredible level of power at your fingertips.