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Double Cutaway Electric Guitars

The Stratocaster laid the foundation for many a model in the years to come. Sweeping curves and elegant lines that create a figure-hugging feel, a trio of pickups that offer tonal versatility that guitar legends pushed to the limits (we’re looking your way Hendrix and Gilmour), and the subtle nuance of a tremolo – a timeless design.  

Over the years many took cues from the Strat, which gave rise to many models that we know and love today such as Steve Vai’s JEM, the RG, and countless variations from manufacturers the world over that add their own unique flavour and touches to suit any and every musical genre. 

Of course, there have been some very famous double cutaway guitars over the years, but will any ever eclipse the legendary Gibson Solid Guitar or “SG” as it is more commonly known? Probably not. The sleek and slender body paired with severe horns – affectionately termed “devil horns” by many a guitarist -, the SG is the perfect blend of angelic curves and wicked power. No wonder many a rocker, metaller, and punk has been seduced by its charms. Don’t let its rocker-reputation fool you though. You only need to hear what Derek Trucks can do with his SG and a slide to really appreciate the revelatory beauty of those humbuckers. 

From budget-conscious bedroom-practising future legends to the already made it wunderkinds there are double-cutaways models to suit everyone here at Dawsons Music & Sound so get started on your musical journey today. 

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