Ibanez GSA60-WNF Electric Guitar - Walnut Flat

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Available to Order. Estimated delivery is 05/03/2020.
Available to Order. Estimated delivery is 05/03/2020.
  • Agathis body shaped to a deep double-cutaway profile for greater neck access
  • Sophisticated walnut finish creates an understated yet elegant aesthetic
  • Super slim contoured body for a highly comfortable playing feel
  • Single-piece maple neck with slender SA profile
  • 22 medium-fret rosewood fingerboard with dot position inlays
  • SAT10 tremolo bridge for responsive vibrato control
  • Three Ibanez PSND pickups with two single-coils in the neck and middle positions, and a humbucker in the bridge
  • Easy to use tone control layout produces sophisticated results


The Ibanez GSA60-WNF Electric Guitar in Walnut flat, is a deep double-cutaway model that is built with precision and power at the core. Ibanez have thrown everything they can at the GSA60 to ensure that it plays, feels, sounds, and looks like a model that boasts a significantly higher price tag. At this price, you'll be blown away by just how awesome this model is.

Smooth playing experience

The body is crafted from agathis to an incredibly slender contoured profile. The shapely curves make it very comfortable to play, with deep double-cutaways that make it easy to access the entire length of the neck. The cool walnut flat body produces a sophisticated finish. The most impressive thing about this guitar is the feel of the body; the contours around the edge of the body are so smooth that from the first time that you pick up the guitar, it feels as familiar as if you've been playing it all your life.

Slender Neck Profile

Fitted to the body is a slim and super-fast-playing single-piece maple neck. Gliding along this beauty feels effortless thanks to the SA neck profile, which accommodates all players with minimum fuss. Married to the neck is a sublime rosewood fingerboard, which is home to 22 medium-sized frets that are adorned with dot position inlays. Performing choppy power chords, elaborate arpeggios, deft legato – whatever your heart desires -, is a joy across the beautiful maple/rosewood pairing.

Powerful Versatile Pickup Selection

The Ibanez GSA60 was created with serious versatility in mind. It is a top choice when you need a one-stop solution for playing many genres of music, catering for a wide range of tones and playing styles. Fitted with a triple threat of Ibanez Powersound pickups - with a humbucker in the bridge, and single-coils fitted in the neck and middle positions -, you have everything you need to produce a tonal assault with impressive versatility.

The pick-up selector switch gives you access to a brilliant system that allows you to select from a choice of 5 different pickup combinations. Whether you're seeking a fat mid to low-end rumble for some emphatic chugging, tight mid-range rhythm chops, or searing upper mid to high frequency wailing, you can do it all!

ModelGSA60-WNF Electric Guitar
Body MaterialAgathis
Neck Material1-piece Maple
Neck ProfileGSA
Fingerboard MaterialRosewood
Pickup ConfigurationHSS
No. of Frets22
Position InlaysWhite Dot
BridgeSAT 10
Pickups Neck/Middle: PSNDS (S)
Bridge: PSND2 (H)
Controls Master Volume
Master Tone
Pickup Switching 5-Position Blade:
Position 1. Bridge Pickup
Position 2. Bridge and Centre Pickups
Position 3. Centre Pickup
Position 4. Neck and Centre Pickups
Position 5. Neck Pickup
FinishWalnut Flat
Posted on 10/02/2018 by I first saw one of these when browsing a store up in London and I was struck by how well finished the body and neck were and I liked the overall features – HSS pickups, classic style tremolo, and the wider, flatter neck compared to a Fender for example. It struck me as outstanding value so I ordered one online from Dawsons. These are the good bits: great look, feel and finish. The body and neck could be from a guitar costing many times as much. Although the tuners and controls are obviously low budget, they do their job well enough. The neck was true and the frets even so it was possible to set it up with a low action without any specialist know-how. It holds its tuning well now the strings have settled.
The bad bits: it arrived as packed in the factory, it was unplayable as the tremolo springs had been removed and stowed under the back plate. Not an issue for me as I always give a new guitar a clean, fret polish and new strings anyway but for a new guitarist perhaps given this by their parents, they could think it was broken – that’s where you would gain by purchasing in store as a guitar on a wall would have been set up to some degree. When I installed the springs (I put three on rather than two) one of the studs holding the tremolo pivot point in place popped out so I glued it back in. The frets were pretty good for the money but were still a bit rough for my liking so I spent 15 minutes with a polishing kit – I have had to do this on guitars costing many times as much as this one. I also treated the fingerboard. I lowered the action a bit and it plays fast and buzz-free. Incidentally on the natural wood finish one, you can see it’s made of 5 pieces of wood which have slightly different shades so it has a stripy effect. You wouldn’t get this on a painted version.
The sound is, as advertised, very much in the rock vein with high output ceramic pickups. It seems to have low noise and works really well for modern styles, especially using an effects processor and/or higher gain tones. The tone does clean up a lot by reducing the volume but it retains its mid-push character and it is not really suited to cleaner blues or country tones for example.
I am an occasional electric player – I sold my expensive stuff in favour of acoustics and just wanted an electric to play from time to time. I was drawn to the neck and the aesthetics but perhaps if I had auditioned it I might have gone for something with brighter, cleaner tones. For a young player, this would be an amazing guitar, there were no budget guitars like this when I started 40 years ago! However, a youngster may find the neck a bit wide for their smaller hands and if you are into shredding, you will presumably want 24 frets and a locking tremolo. So, it’s 5 stars for value, 3 stars for the fact it needed setting up and because of the cheap electrics so I’m giving it 4 overall. I would also say, unless you understand how and electric guitar works and how to adjust and set it up, don’t buy this online but actually go into a store and try it out. Hope that helps!

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