Jim Dunlop GCB 80 High Gain Volume Pedal

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Currently out of stock
  • 1 million cycle audio taper potentiometer affords exceptionally accurate level control
  • Introduce anything between huge volume swells, soft low-volume control, or intricately nuanced dynamics into your repertoire
  • Heavy die-cast housing built for durability, great for both amateurs and professionals, in the studio and on the stage
  • Does not require batteries or external power source, simply pop it in your pedal chain and it is good to go
  • Take control of your signal with this exceptional pedal


The Jim Dunlop GCB 80 High Gain Volume Pedal is a legendary pedal that sets the standard for all others to follow. Whether you're performing delicate volume swells, playing pedal steel guitar that requires deliberate dynamic nuance, or simply want a quick and effective way to cut you signal, this beauty has you covered. With ultra-quiet operation, you can rest assured that your performance will remain free of any unwanted hiss, pops, or clicks, ensuring nothing but your heavenly tone is preserved. The highly sensitive parameter adjustment offers a 1 million cycle taper potentiometer that allows you to deftly alter the volume level of your tone with peerless accuracy.

Control could not be easier. By placing your heel down, the volume is at its lowest level. In the full toe-down position, the guitar and amp's maximum desired level is achieved. Rocking the pedal between these positions allows you to set your ideal level, which can be used to great effect in its own right. Combine with a delay or looper pedal, or even a synth to completely alter the character and tonality of your instrument, as well as pushing dynamic boundaries.

As we've come to expect from the team at Jim Dunlop, the GCB 80 High Gain Volume Pedal is built like a tank, offering a reassuring partner during live performances. Not only that, but it draws its power passively, and requires no additional power supply unit, so you're good to go with even the most limited of kit.

ManufacturerJim Dunlop
ModelGCB 80 High Gain Volume Pedal
ConnectionsInput x 1, Output x 1
Potentiometer250 kOhms

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