Jim Dunlop MXR M68 UniVibe Chorus-Vibrato Guitar Effects Pedal

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In stock and ready to dispatch!
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  • Classic chorus and vibrato effects pedal that adheres faithfully to the classic late '60s tone
  • Rugged chassis that is built like a tank - perfect for gigging pros
  • True Bypass-enabled circuitry that doesn't colour your signal
  • Easy to control three knob and single button footswitch setup
  • Responsive and hard-wearing footswitch works resiliently
  • Discreetly designed to slip into any setup with ease
  • Sophisticated retro-styling with cool white on black detail
  • Can be powered by 9-Volt battery or 9-Volt AC adapter


The Jim Dunlop MXR M68 UniVibe Chorus-Vibrato guitar effects pedal injects your tone with a classic shimmer and shine. Thanks to the team at MXR, you can create incredibly complex and diverse effects, with minimal effort. Follow in the footsteps of your heroes, or create your own sonic signature.

Classic MXR design

The MXR M68 UniVibe is compromised of a highly intuitive range of controls including: Speed, Level and Depth knobs, along with a Vibe button. The simplicity of this arrangement is matched by its enviable versatility.

The Speed knob controls the speed rate of the effect, taking your tone from a gentle flutter to mind-bending wobble. The Level knob controls the overall volume of the effect, giving you the choice of creating a subtle or striking presence. The Depth knob controls the overall intensity of the effect, taking your tone from a hazy sheen to a pulsating throb. The Vibe button allows you to toggle between the default Chorus mode, and the optional Vibrato mode. The range of options on offer is quite astounding for such a diminutive unit, giving your pedalboard incredible breadth.

The pedal is equipped with True Bypass circuitry, so you can rest assured that when the pedal isn't engaged, your dry signal will remain pristine and free of colouration.

Robust chassis

Many guitarists will attest to the heavyweight prowess of their MXR pedals, and with one of these beauties in your arsenal, you can't go wrong. The M68 UniVibe is built like a tank, and ready to take all you can throw at it. The pots respond smoothly, attenuating the signal cleanly and without unwanted pops or click, whilst the footswitch engages with a confident click. The stage-ready LED indicator guarantees maximum visibility in even the darkest of arenas. The pedal can be powered using a 9V battery, or a 9-volt AC adapter.

If you're looking to give your tone shimmering beauty it deserves, then follow in many a legend's footsteps and grab the Jim Dunlop MXR M68 UniVibe Chorus-Vibrato guitar effects pedal.

Manufacturer Jim Dunlop
Model MXR M68 UniVibe Chorus-Vibrato Guitar Effects Pedal
Input Impedance 1 MOhm
Output Impedance 5 kOhms
Max Input 0 dBV
Max Output 8 dBV
Noise Floor* -94 dBV (*A-weighted - all controls at mid-position)
Bypass True Hardwire
Current Draw5 mA
Power Supply 9 volts DC

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