At Dawsons we provide a range of drum kits for a variety of ages, such as the Mirage JDK Junior Drum Kit being an excellent children's drum kit, suitable for players between the ages of 4 - 8, leading to the Mirage Raven kit, which is practical for ages 8 to adulthood. If space and noise are an issue we have a number of compact electronic drum kits for kids (that are also suitable for adults). These range from the extremely affordable Alesis DM Lite to the incredible Yamaha DTX402.

  • 3 Piece Junior Drum Kit (3 COLOUR OPTIONS)


    • Drum Kit with Accessories
      • 3 piece kit - available in black, blue, and wine red finishes
      • Recommended for 4 to 8 year olds
      • Very easy to assemble
      • Includes: stool, sticks, pedal, and drum key
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  • 5 Piece Junior Drum Kit (3 COLOUR OPTIONS)


    Mapex Tornado Fusion Drum Kit 18 Inch Kick Drum - Blue Buy Now
  • Mirage Raven Drum Kit (3 COLOUR OPTIONS)


    Mirage Raven Drumkit - Black Buy Now
  • Acoustic Drum Kits

    • Acoustic Drum Kits
      • Realistic sound & feel
      • Cheaper entry-level kits
      • No amplifier or headphones required to play
      • Can be positioned easily to suit the player
      • Loud (both a positive and a negative)
  • Alesis Turbo Mesh Digital Drum Kit


    • Alesis Turbo Mesh Digital Drum Kit
      • Seven-piece electronic drumset
      • 15 programmable kits
      • Excellent mech heads
      • Class compliant USB MIDI output
      • Includes sticks, hi-hat and bass drum pedals
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  • Alesis DM Lite Electronic Drum Kit


    Alesis DM Lite Drum Kit Buy Now
  • Yamaha DTX402 Electronic Drum Kit


    Yamaha DTX402 Electronic Drum Kit Buy Now
  • Electronic Drum Kits

    • Electronic Drum Kits
      • Quiet play, with headphones
      • Compact and portable
      • Built-in practice tools and metronomes
      • Multiple kit sounds
      • Easier to record, some have built-in recorders
      • Don’t need tuning