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Yamaha Digital Pianos

Yamaha Digital Pianos embody a history that spans from the year 1900, right through to the modern day concert halls, recording and rehearsal studios, places of worship and institutions of education. The dream of Torakusu Yamaha to create the world’s finest concert Grand Pianos is now a reality, but it’s the effort of a century’s worth of craftsmen and musicians that has created the foundation for the world-renowned Yamaha sound quality and aesthetics.


Yamaha piano makers were regularly travelling overseas during the 1920s, gaining knowledge of the latest European piano production techniques and bringing it back to the Nippon Gakki facilities in Hamamatsu, Japan. It was decades later that Yamaha released the FC concert grand piano, resulting in much critical acclaim from European players and manufacturers. By 1965 Yamaha were making more pianos than any other manufacturer in the world. A collaboration with Cesare Tallone, one of Europe’s most respected piano technicians resulted in the CF, a piano that would go on to storm the world’s concert halls and stages.


With some help of an endorsement from Sviatoslav Richter, European music festivals began adopting the CF as their official piano and many modern pianists of the time began to favour the CF. In 1991, Yamaha hit the impressive milestone of manufacturing an incredible five million pianos, cementing their reputation as the world’s dominant piano manufacturer and in 2002, the first Japanese winner of the International Tchaikovsky Competition did so on a Yamaha CFIIIS, marking the 100 year anniversary of Yamaha pianos in style.


The technology utilised the development of the CF and CFX grand pianos trickles down into its Digital Piano range, with the Clavinova, Arius and P-Series all gaining from the success of this staple of the musical world. It’s these inherited and inherent characteristics that set Yamaha Digital Pianos apart from others, making them high quality sounding instruments with an incredibly fine-tuned aesthetic.