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Korg Synthesizers and Keyboards

Decades of experience alongside a desire to innovate influence the Korg design process. Taking that into consideration you can understand why their synths and keys range is as vast as it is. Their range of digital synthesizers such as the glorious Wavestate through to their exceptional selection of analogue synthesizers such as the ARP 2600 Fs, Prologue, the Minilogue family, not forgetting the MS-20 family of products, is staggering. If you cannot find the synth that pleases you amongst this lot the good luck.

Music Workstations

For starters they have a host of industry-leading Music Workstations that begins with the Kronos family, Krome, Kross, and i3. Each one is equipped to put music production control at your fingertips to set the ideal foundation in any studio.

Stage Keyboards

For those looking for form and function in an easily transportable design then Korg produce a range of Stage Keyboards to such every level from the stripped-back style of the D1 to the elaborate Grandstage. Their recent addition to the family, the SV-2, is perfect for those who want to dive into a treasure trove of classic electro-mechanical, transistorized, tape-driven, analogue and digital keyboard instruments. When Korg do something, they do not do it by halves.

Professional Arrangers

Taking stage performance to the next level are Korg Professional Arrangers, which essentially pack in an entire backup band into a single piece of kit acting as your accompanist, musical director, soundman, effects, engineer, and even your backup singers too. Packed to the gills with sublime hardware appointments, partnerships with industry heavyweights Waves Audio and TC Helicon ensure state-of-the-art audio processing and vocal effects too.