Korg Volca FM Synthesizer

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  • Portable true FM synthesis creation tool
  • 3-voice polyphonic FM synthesize with super-easy sound editing
  • Onboard chorus effect to add extra depth and sparkle
  • Volca-style 16-step sequencing for instant music creation
  • Warp active step, arpeggiator and pattern chain to make crazy looping patterns
  • Synchronize two volca FM units
  • Compact size, battery operation, and built-in speaker for music creation anywhere


In true keeping with the Volca series ethos, the Korg Volca FM Synthesizer shines a spotlight on classic synthesis technology so that it can shine once more in the production of modern music. This portable creation station gives you 3 voice polyphony, step sequencing, chorus effects, practical connectivity and more.

Back to the Frequency

FM (frequency modulation) synthesis shaped the sound of the 80’s, noted for its ability to create metallic, sharp sounds that helped invent new polysynth, bass and electric piano emulation for musicians of the day. FM has a new home now in the lifeblood of EDM and the Korg Volca FM synth is here to help you create your own sound.

The Volca FM comes with six operators and 32 algorithms all of which are cross-compatible with classic Yamaha DX7 format. Sound editing with the Volca FM is incredibly easy thanks to the edit knobs so that you can focus on creating sound rather than the details. To get you started, the Volca FM comes complete with a parameter list as a handy reference.

Step on

The Korg Volca FM Synth comes complete with a 16-step loop sequencer to create phrases on the fly via the touch panel. The sequencer is also capable of recording real-time knob movements so that you can add time-varying change to the sound.

To mix things up a little... Or a lot, the Volca FM has warp active step, arpeggiator and pattern chain modes to create some truly unconventional performances. Further to this, you can chain 2 Volca FM units together to gain access to larger sequences and complex performances.

Anywhere, anytime...

Thanks to its small size, built in speaker and ability to be powered from battery or adapter, the Volca FM can be used to create music anywhere either as a standalone unit or connected to your favourite DAW or MIDI controller.

The Korg Volca FM Synth gives young musicians, producers and enthusiasts of today the ability to create new and exciting music using a tried and tested synth engine. Find your inspiration with the Korg Volca FM Synthesizer.

ModelVolca FM Synthesizerr
Dimensions (WxHxD)193 x 115 x 40 mm / 7.60” x 4.53” x 1.57”
Weight360 g / 12.70 oz. (Excluding batteries)
Synthesizer Type: FM synthesis
Maximum Polyphony: 3 voices
Structure: 6 operators, 32 algorithms
Number of Programs: 32
Main Edits: Modulator (Attack, Decay), Carrier (Attack, Decay), LFO (Rate, P.Depth), Algrtm
Controls: Transpose, Velocity, Octave, Arp (Type, Div)
Arpeggiator Types: 9 (each 3 patterns of "Rise", "Fall", and "Random")
Voice Modes: Poly, Mono, Unison
Sequencer Number of Parts: 1
Number of Steps: 16
Number of Recording Patterns: 16
Controls: Motion Sequence, Active Step, Warp Active Step, Pattern Chain, Metronome
Connectivity Audio Output: Headphones (3.5mm stereo mini jack)
Sync In: (3.5mm monaural mini jack, Maximum input level: 20V)
Sync Out: (3.5mm monaural mini jack, Output level: 5V)
When two units of volca fm, available to export the sound programs and sequence data from a volca fm to the other one
MIDI In Available to convert and load SYS-EX/SYX file created on the Yamaha DX7
Controls Analogue Isolator: Bass; Treble
Part: Reverse; Reverse
Mute: Solo
Memory: Write
Step Mode: Step Jump
Play: Active Step
Record: Step Record
Tempo; Swing; Reverb Mix; Volume
Loop On/Off Motion Sequencer: On/Off; Clear
Active Step
Clear Part
Power Power Supply: AA alkaline battery x 6 or AA nickel-metal hydride battery x 6 Or AC adapter (DC 9V) (optional)
Battery Life: Approximately 10 hours (using alkaline batteries)
Included Accessories AA alkaline battery x 6 (for verifying operation)
Sync Cable
Edit Parameter List

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