Laney Black Country Customs Monolith Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal

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  • Versatile distortion pedal with four knobs for sonic customization
  • Take your tone anywhere from subtle to ferocious distortion
  • Equally good for indie rock spank or heavy metal distortion
  • Three-way toggle selector gives you a choice of distortion types
  • Tri colour LED so you always know which setting you're using
  • Silent switching, no annoying clicks or pops
  • Solid metal chassis construction to put up with life on the road
  • Compact design slots into any pedalboard setup with ease


The Laney Black Country Customs Monolith Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal is a dynamic and expressive gain pedal for the modern player. Equally capable of giving you an indie spank or fat rock tones it responds dynamically to pick attack, matching you note for note whilst still retaining clarity during big chords.

Intuitive Layout

Designed by players, for players, the Laney Black Country Customs Monolith has four knobs, Drive, Volume, Range and Tone giving you complete control over the sculpting of your sound. The Range control adjusts the low-end content before distortion, allowing you to ensure your tone is clear even with high gain settings. The Tone knob adjusts your treble setting whether you want something more cutting or a warmer tone on your palette.

Tonal Variety

With a three-way toggle selector, you have three different types of distortion at your fingertips. The first setting, D1, is a heavily compressed overdrive, perfect for harder styles and soaring lead playing and is marked by an orange LED. D2 is a softer compressed distortion, great for rhythm playing, distinguished by its blue LED. Finally, noted by a purple LED, is the OD setting which gives you a cleaner, overdrive-style tone, perfect for blues and indie rhythm playing.

With such variety, the Laney Black Country Customs Monolith Distortion is equally adept at nuanced lead lines as it is with rhythm playing making for a distortion pedal that's adaptable and dynamic enough to deal with a variety of styles.

ModelBlack Country Customs Monolith Distortion
Dimensions (H x W x D)59 x 74 x 121 mm
Effect TypeDistortion
ControlsDistortion, Volume, Range, Tone
Input1 x 1/4-inch Instrument
Output1 x 1/4-inch Instrument
Power Requirements9V Battery (supplied) / 9V DC PSU (not supplied)

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