Laney Richter RB2 30-Watt Bass Amplifier Combo

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  • Portable bass amp combo that offers a wide range of tones to play with
  • Ideal for practise at home or on the road, small gigs and busking
  • Custom designed 10-inch driver with high frequency horn
  • Bass, Swept Mids and Treble controls for elaborate tone-shaping
  • Switchable compressor tightens up your tone superbly
  • Lightweight design makes it easy to carry and transport
  • External audio source input for playing along to your fave tracks
  • Headphone output allows you to practise without disturbing the neighbours
  • D.I. output for directly connection to mixing desk or PA system


The Laney Richter RB2 30-Watt Bass Amplifier Combo is perfect for anyone seeking a powerful practise amp that is easy portable and tonally versatile.

Portable yet powerful

The Laney Richter RB2 Bass Amp is great for those who want a powerful little combo that delivers a range of useful features to play with. The custom designed 10-inch driver and high-frequency horn ensure that the 30-watt RMS output is delivered as smoothly as possible. There are two available inputs: Normal and High. The normal input accommodates low output basses, whilst the High input accommodates high output basses (whether active or passive pickups are used). The Gain pot controls the amount of gain introduced at the pre-amp stage, allowing you to ramp up the overdrive for a saturated and meaty tone. Tweaking the gain and volume you can find the sweet spot for you.

The on-board compressor allows you to tighten up the lower end for a punchier tone and can be activated/de-activated with the push of a button. The amount of compression corresponds to the setting of the Gain control. The three-band EQ allows you to cut/boost the low end and high end independently using the Bass and Treble controls, whilst the mid-frequencies between 200Hz to 2kHz can be manipulated using the para mid controls. Whatever style of music that you're performing, the RB2 can be tailored to suit anything and everything perfectly.

Extensive connectivity

The inclusion of a jack input allows external audio sources to be connected to allow you to play along with your favourite tracks. For those who are practising along to their favourite bands this is a fantastic feature, whilst those who are busking or performing to backing tracks benefit too. The headphone output allows you to play and practise into the wee hours without disturbing the neighbours. The built in D.I. output allows you to connect directly to a mixing desk either in the studio or direct to PA when playing live.

Solid design

Weighing only 10.5kg it is lightweight enough for you to take it anywhere that your music takes you. However, don't be fooled into thinking this is anything less than a workhorse. The solid enclosure benefits from a dual-position design where the amp can be used as a conventional stage combo or in a 'kickback' position to be used as a wedge monitor. The hard-wearing outer material holds up well during transit, and the reinforced corner braces protect vulnerable spots.

ModelRichter RB2 30-Watt Bass Amplifier Combo
Dimensions (H x W x D)403 x 308 x 326 mm
Weight10.5 kg
Power RMS30 Watts
InputsNormal, High
EqualisationBass, Swept Mid and Treble
Drivers1 x 10-inch Custom Driver
Cabinet DesignDual Position Kickback
Headphone SocketYes
LimiterYes: Internal
DI SocketYes
CD InputYes (Jack)
Master volumeYes

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