Levy Guitar Strap Extra Long 3 Inch Wide

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Currently out of stock
  • Comfortable and durable strap made from soft-hand polypropylene
  • Reinforced polyester ends
  • Width: 3 inches
  • Extra-long easily adjustable length: up to 66 inches


Designed and manufactured by a company that has been creating guitar straps for over 35 years, the Levy Guitar Extra Long 3-Inch Wide Strap is a high quality and reliable strap. Made from soft-hand polypropylene the strap is durable and attaches securely to your guitar via a pair of reinforced polyester ends. Also, being made of polyester, you won't get the cracking that can appear when leather ends wear down. This extra wide strap disperses the weight of your guitar more than an average sized strap, increasing comfort when playing. The difference is particularly noticeable in heavier guitars like Les Pauls.

The Levy Guitar Extra Long 3-Inch Wide Strap is also easy to adjust because of its tri-glide design. This allows the strap to open out to lengths up to 66-inches, which is perfect for bass players and guitars who like their guitar to hang low.


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