Line 6 Amplifi 75 Electric Guitar Amplifier

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  • The Line 6 Amplifi is a groundbreaking guitar amplifier with a stunning layout
  • 75-watt guitar amplifier with 8-inch custom speaker, 2 mid-frequency drivers, and 2 high-frequency drivers
  • New 5-speaker layout provides a "full-range" sound
  • Huge range of signature tones to choose from using the Amplifi
  • Allows you to play along to a song through the custom 8 inch speaker
  • iOS and Android AMPLIFi app allows you to jam, practise and remotely control your amp with ease
  • Please note: Image for illustration purposes only, iPad not included


Ever the sonic pioneers, Line 6 have set the standard for guitar amp manufacturers once again with their groundbreaking new Amplifi 75 guitar amplifier. Combining wireless Bluetooth technology with Cloud-Sharing platforms, the new AMPLIFi app, a unique new speaker design and layout, and not forgetting the superb Line 6 effects, the Amplifi 75 is a force to be reckoned with.

Unique 5-Speaker Layout

The brand new 5-speaker layout is the first to offer an immersive "full-range" sound. Inside the cabinet is a carefully placed arrangement comprised of a custom 8" speaker, two mid-frequency drivers and two high-frequency drivers. Dry signals are perfectly mixed and balanced with effects-driven signals, to create a tonal output of unprecedented clarity. Therefore, chorus and reverb effects glisten and glide through the signal exquisitely whilst overdrive and distortion pummels in the most satisfying way. It also means that you don't need to crank up the volume to get a decent tone, the signal is perfectly clear wherever you set the volume level dial to.

Perfect Practise Made Easy

Whether you're jamming alone or with friends, practising a song, or looking to figure out a particular part, the Amplifi 75 speaker configuration and complimentary AMPLIFi app are the perfect partnership to ensure you can get the job done with minimal fuss.

If you're jamming, the AMPLIFi app plays the song through the four-speaker system whilst your guitar tone plays through the custom 8" guitar speaker. The amp does all the work so that you can clearly hear yourself against the recording. Not only that but you can adjust the tempo of songs using the AMPLIFi Remote companion app for iOS and Android, making it easy to nail down those difficult licks.

Get Involved In The Cloud

The AMPLIFi Remote puts total control over the amplifier in your hands through your iOS device. Just designed and created a signature from the 100s of awesome amps and effects on offer? Want to share it with others? Just created a complex signal chain of effects using the full 8 simultaneous effects links available, and need to recall it for a gig? The AMPLIFi Remote just became your new best friend. You are also given the option to store a limitless number of presets in the cloud - which also means you can access them anywhere. If you're on the road, you needn't worry about forgetting your settings ever again as long as you have your iOS or Android device to hand.

Thanks to built-in bluetooth wireless technology, amp and tone settings can be shared with other guitarists to be rated and downloaded, creating a collaborative network of like-minded guitarists.

Tone of the Gods

Ever wondered what settings Zakk Wylde, Jimmy Page or Jimi Hendrix use to get their signature tones? Well Line 6 know you have, so they've made it ever easier than ever for you to get them. Simply select the song you wish to know the tone for and let AMPLIFi do the rest. It downloads settings from the cloud, giving you a matching tone instantly.

The Line 6 Amplifi 75 not only packs a tonne of power, but also offers an unbelievable amount of tone control and opportunities to collaborate with other guitarists. It's fair to say that once again, the guys at Line 6 are storming ahead of the pack with this little beauty.

ManufacturerLine 6
ModelAmplifi 75 Electric Guitar Amplifier
Dimensions (H x W x D)317.5 x 444.5 x 203.2 mm
Connectivity Inputs: 1/4" Guitar, 1/8" Stereo Aux, USB

Output: 1/4" Headphone
Amplifier TypeCombo
Amplifier TechnologyModelling
Speakers 8" custom designed speaker
2 mid-frequency drivers
2 high-frequency drivers
Wattage75 Watts
CompatibilityCompatible with Line 6 FBV mkII Foot Controllers
Included AccessoriesPower supply unit
Amplifi App (compatible with iOS 7)
Content70+ amps, 100+ effects and 20+ speaker cabinets
Effects8 simultaneous effects
CompatibilityCompatible with iPod touch (5th generation), iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, iPad (3rd and 4th generation), iPad 2 and iPad mini, Android
Posted on 28/01/2015 by This amp looks great and when used with the free app it opens up a world of tones and practice possibilities. I have had it two weeks now and I still haven't used all of the features. The tone match is great on some tracks and less so on others, but it does give you a start point. The blurb says this will get better as more people share tones.

The ability to vary the guitar volume from the track volume is simple and better than I have see before.

Control from a smart phone or smart pad is easy once you have had a bit of practice. I am already considering selling my old effects pedals.
Posted on 09/09/2014 by Was looking at similar priced valve amps for that smooth vintage sound but having played with this in my local Dawsons I was blown away! This thing can make any sound you want and can do anything- quality home HiFi (the wife can use too) and I even plug in my TV when watching movies. BUT... you need an iOS device for the app. Otherwise its very pretty but a 90% useless.

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