Mapex HF1000 Falcon Series Hi-Hat Stand

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Currently out of stock

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  • High quality hi-hat stand with lockable quick-release wingnut on the clutch
  • Extreme height adjustment to suit your perfect playing position
  • Foldable footboard with height adjustment
  • Tension adjuster with directional indicators to get your perfects amount of resistance
  • Removable swivel legs for easy positioning
  • High-friction rubber feet with retractable spikes
  • Very easy to set up, take down and transport
  • Made by one of the best names in quality drum hardware


The new Falcon Series HF1000 Hi-hat stand from Mapex features a range of features that will appeal to both amateurs and professionals alike. Whether you simply like to practise at home or are gigging every night, the HF1000 is a little beauty that can make your life much easier, and drumming experience more fulfilling.

Firstly, the hi-hat clutch has a quick-release system for the wing nut, so setting up and breaking down for gigs is much easier and less time consuming. Once you have locked in the nut, it will remain firm and true, preventing the top hi-hat from becoming loose, allowing you to play with total confidence. To ensure that there isn't a long rod obstructing you as you play, the stand comes with both a high and low rod, depending on the height you wish to use.

Secondly, the extreme height adjustment setting on the stand allows you to accurately dictate exactly where you want the hats to be. For big hitters, you can set them way up high. For open-style players who lead with the left-hand, you can set them down nice and low for a comfortable playing position.

Thirdly, the swivel style leg enables you to rotate the legs so that the stand will fit neatly into any setup. The low and slim base plate allows the footboard to slip in alongside any other floor pedals you have set out. Not only that, but if you have two kick drums and wish to clamp the HF1000 directly to kick drum itself, the leg assembly detaches completely, leaving just the pedal and the stand. High-friction rubber feet with retractable spikes increase traction and prevent the stand from slipping and sliding around on all surfaces.

Finally, the footboard folds away discreetly when not in use. Recognising that the footboard can flop around in transit, Mapex have designed the stand with a subtle clip, so that the footboard remains safely tucked away, preventing any damage from occurring.

Mapex have gone to every effort to ensure that the HF1000 Falcon Series hi-hat stand satisfies the demands of the most discerning of professionals. It is robust, reliable, versatile and mobile; what more could you ask for?

Model HF1000 Falcon Series HI Hat Stand
(H x W x D)
686 x 152 x 152 mm
Weight6 kg
Stand TypeHi-Hat Cymbal Stand and Pedal

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