Marshall AS100D Acoustic Combo Amp

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  • 100-watt acoustic guitar amplifier with two 8-inch speakers
  • Built in features to make the amplified tone as natural as possible
  • Microphone input making the AS100D a total performance machine
  • Auxiliary in to connect smartphones, iPads and other audio sources
  • Anti-feedback controls for preventing unwanted feedback or noise
  • Top ventilation keeps the amplifier efficient and cool
  • Built in chorus, reverb, flange and delay to give you a polished sound
  • Built in heavy duty handle for easy transportation
  • Classic brown and gold chassis emanates vintage beauty


The Marshall Acoustic AS100D is a 50W + 50W, 2x 8" acoustic guitar combo and has been specially designed for use with a variety of acoustic instruments - between its four channels, this combo has the flexibility to handle instruments with piezo transducers or magnetic pick-ups, plus microphones, for both vocal and instrument reproduction.

For those using two pick-ups via a single stereo jack, the two main Acoustic Channels (1 and 2) can be linked together via a 'Link' switch, affording you independent Volume and EQ controls for each pick-up. The other two channels are a dedicated Microphone channel (3) and an Auxiliary channel (4), the latter of which has phono (RCA) stereo inputs specifically for use with external audio equipment.

Made for any venue

The AS100D combo map houses an internal limiter to ensure you can achieve maximum output while your sound remains distortion free. Even though the AS100D's 50W + 50W stereo configuration offers more than enough power for many typical acoustic music venues, a stereo pair of balanced XLR DI outs and line outs allow you to connect directly to an external PA system for larger venues.

When playing live, one of the most difficult aspects of amplifying acoustic instruments is unwanted feedback. To help eliminate this, the Marshall AS100D features several 'anti-feedback' controls, including an individual Phase switch on channels 1, 2&3, plus two frequency controllable Notch Filters with selectable extra depth for channels 1&2.

Powerful digital effects

The superb quality of the 16 built-in, adjustable stereo digital effects (10 Reverbs, Delay, Chorus&more) adds an entirely new dimension to the already wide range of sounds this professional combo has to offer. Additionally, there is also a stereo parallel effects loop, complete with level control, on the rear panel.

Compact and portable, the stylish AS100D offers great flexibility and is the ideal amplifier for the acoustic player who wants the highest quality performance, with absolutely natural tonal reproduction.

ModelAS100D Acoustic Combo Amp
Dimensions (H x W x D) 530 x 605 x 270 mm
Amplifier TypeSolid State
Controls Volume x 3, Bass/Treble x 2, Mid, Mid Freq, Sweep x 2, FX Min x 2, Aux Volume, FX Adjust x 2, FX Level, Master
EffectsChrous, Reverb Selection, Flanger Delay, Modulation
Effect Loop Yes
Wattage50 + 50 Watts
Inputs4 (+Aux & XLR)
Impedance4 Ohm
Speaker2 x 8" Celestion, 2 x Tweeters
Unique FeaturesAnti-Feedback Controls, Multi Inputs
Posted on 25/06/2013 by This amp is the beat amp I have ever bought! All of the Marshall range are good, but this tops it all! My Farida, Fender and Martin guitar sound amazing through the amp. It is a good amp to record with, as well as to be used in venues/gigs/concert. A big must-have for any sort of acoustic soloist!
Posted on 12/06/2012 by I only ever got the opportunity to use this amp once, but my god was it wonderful. A friend of mine brought it down to our acoustic gig because we mentioned we needed more amps for our semi acoustic instruments, and had no way of plugging into the PA.

We used this amp for my mandolin, and with it’s crappy pickup, plugged into this Marshall beauty, it not only sounded like its usual acoustically beautiful self, but sounded even better.

The usual Marshall reputation and glory comes with this amp, and the amount of dials on the thing, when somebody sees you walking into a gig with this bad boy, the only reaction would be to gasp in awe.

The extra mic input is endlessly useful and the feedback "cutter-outers" work wonders and are essential for the acoustics. The only time my mandolin didn't feed back was with this bad boy.

Don't just buy one, buy one for every band member. They'll thank you endlessly.
Posted on 12/06/2012 by This Marshall is a gem. It blows the Fender SFX and Acoustasonic Junior out of the water. Fender doesn't even use a crossover in the Junior and at high volumes the tweeter distorts. The AS100D is amazing at all volumes. I play a Martin 12 string J40, a 6 string Martin jumbo and a Washburn J7 jazz box. The effects are great; there are 9 different reverbs alone, 16 total effects. It's slightly heavy at 46 lbs. but because it has a small footprint, not too much trouble to carry. Highly recommended, nothing for the price is any better than this amp.

I use mine for acoustic gigs, and it has never once failed on me, I will be using it again for many years to come, if anything did happen to it, I would buy the same amp again for sure.

I highly recommend people to buy this acoustic amp and I would also recommend people to buy this amp from Dawsons as they are the most reliable website/company when it comes down to Musical Instruments etc.

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