Marshall CODE412 4x12 Speaker Cabinet

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In stock and ready to dispatch!
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  • Marshall CODE series 4x12 speaker guitar amp cabinet
  • 100 Watt powerhouse that perfectly projects your tones
  • Calibrated to match the tonal versatility of the CODE series amplifier
  • Four x 12-inch custom Marshall speakers deliver power with ease
  • Solidly built cabinet that is designed to handle life on the road
  • Resilient outer protective layer extends the cabinets durability
  • Instantly recognisable Marshall logo adorns speaker grille
  • Built in rubber feet to eliminate vibration
  • Delicious all black finish will suit any guitar amp head unit


The Marshall CODE412 4x12 Speaker Cabinet is the perfect partner for your Marshall CODE100H Digital Guitar Amplifier Head, providing a solid 100W projection to match the powerhouse. Not only will you have access to a universe of Marshall tones, and the user programmability to perfectly cover a wide range of musical styles with ease, but also the authoritative power that only comes with a Marshall stack!

Custom Marshall Speakers

Taking on the classic styling of their legendary speaker cabinets, the Marshall CODE412 is fitted with a complement of 4 x 12-inch custom Marshall speakers that are calibrated to perfectly deliver the versatile tones produced by the CODE series amp heads. Each speaker is designed to handle 30W of power, at an impedance of 8 Ohms. Through up the amp to maximum and hear your tones sing brilliantly.

Solid Marshall Construction

As we’ve come to expect, the enclosure is solidly built with a hardy wooden structure that is enveloped in a resilient outer protective layer. The entire cabinet feels absolutely solid, so you can rest assured that taking to the stage night after night isn't a problem for this workhorse.

On each side of the enclosure there are carrying handles that provide a strong and supportive grip whilst loading the cabinet in and out of gigs. There are four feet at the base of the cabinet, which help to anchor the speaker stack so that you can rock out with total freedom, safe in the knowledge that your gear going nowhere.

The speaker grille cloth is adorned with the instantly recognisable white “Marshall” logo, which perfectly matches the sophisticated style of the CODE100H amplifier head.

If you’re looking to hit the stage with your CODE series amplifier, then there is no better companion than the excellent Marshall CODE412 4x12 Speaker Cabinet.

ModelCODE412 4x12 Speaker Cabinet
Dimensions (H x W x D) 675 x 695 x 390 mm
Wattage100 Watts
Size4 x 12-inch
Output Power30 Watts Each
Impedance8 Ohm

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