Marshall DSL40CR 40-Watt Valve Guitar Amplifier Combo

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  • Sublime 40-watt combo that is ready for anything
  • Marshall tones sing via a well-appointed Celestion V-Type speaker
  • All-valve setup produces rapturous tone from clean to high-gain
  • Multiple voice settings across two channels with expansive EQ
  • Switchable output power takes this down to 20 Watts when desired
  • Emulated output for recording-friendly levels wherever you are
  • Digital reverb built in, as well as effects loop for external units
  • MIDI connectivity for those who like to incorporate MIDI gear
  • Includes Marshall PEDL-90012 and detachable power cable
  • Optional PEDL-91005 available for increased hands-free switching


The Marshall DSL40CR 40-Watt Valve Guitar Amplifier Combo is an almighty combo that delivers stage-ready power alongside a highly versatile tone shaping for ultimate control. The DSL40CR boasts built-in digital reverb, effects loop, MIDI compatibility, and a wide range of footswitchable parameters that make is perfect for the gigging professional.

Classic Marshall tones

The DSL40CR bears the Marshall name with pride and elevates that coveted status of the Dual Super Lead to greater heights. Packed with an impressive all-valve setup with three ECC83s in the pre-amp, and a single ECC83 alongside a pair of EL34s in the power amp, the DSL40CR has a high-powered engine to crank out the jams.

For times when 40-Watts is more than you need, Marshall have included a power reduction switch that drops the output to a more manageable 20-Watts. Therefore, you can still overdrive the amps without resorting to deafening volume levels. Taking signal control even further, there is a 3.5mm jack output that allows you to practise in silence via headphones or take a direct recording output with studio cabinet emulation crafted by the genius crew at Softube.

Two-channels, multiple voices

The DSL40CR is equipped with two channels that include the Classic Gain channel offering old school JCM800 tones, and an Ultra-Gain that cranks up with heat. The Classic Gain channel has a Clean/Crunch button that allows you switch between transparent clean tones or a nice crunchy overdrive. The Ultra-Gain channel is equipped with an OD1/OD2 button, which takes you from an open, high gain overdrive to a mid-boosted tone with greater high gain potential.

The included PEDL-90012 footswitch allows switching between panel modes on the selected channel for hands-free control during performances. There is also an optional 6-way footswitch available (PEDL-91005), which allows you switch between channels, modes, and more.

Advanced tone shaping

The beautiful gold control panel is home to a wide-ranging EQ section, which offers the classic three-band Bass/Middle/Treble knobs that allow you to shape each bandwidth precisely. The corresponding Tone Shift button reconfigures the pre-amp mid frequencies when activated, which is perfect for easily performing a mid-range scoop that so many metallers love. The DSL40CR benefits from Presence and Resonance controls, which allow you to attenuate the higher and lower frequency content of your tone independently of the EQ.

Digital reverb

The built-in digital reverb allows you to lift your tone to suit your performance environment. There are Reverb Classic and Reverb Ultra controls, which each correspond to the Classic Gain and Ultra Gain channels.

Rear panel connectivity

Across the rear panel you'll find a selection of connections that open up massive potential. There are speaker cabinet outputs for 16/8/4 Ohm loads, as well as an FX Loop Send and Return for connecting external FX processors.

The Emulated-Out jack provides a line level output for headphones or connecting to a mixer. The emulated output has been designed using Softube-designed studio cab emulation. You can rest assured that your headphone/recording signal offers the utmost fidelity for practise or recording.

The DSL40CR also offers a MIDI input for those who like to incorporate MIDI equipment into their live rig.

Celestion V-Type

The Marshall DSL40CR Combo is equipped with a Celestion V-Type speaker, which is specially designed to combine old and new in stunning fashion. The sweetly balanced output is delivered with aplomb, ensuring that cleans sparkle beautifully, whilst your high-gain, overdriven tones are delivered with a ferocious blast.

Classic Marshall design

The Marshall DSL40CR 40-Watt Valve Guitar Amplifier Combo adheres to the classic black and gold Marshall design we've all come to know and love. The solid enclosure is covered in hardwearing black tolex and black corner braces. The gold front panel is stands out alongside the brilliant white Marshall logo.

ModelDSL40CR 40-Watt Valve Guitar Amplifier Combo
Dimensions (H x W x D) 490 x 620 x 252 mm
Channels2 (Split) "Ultra-gain" and "classic gain"
Output wattage40w (with power reduction option, 20w)
Connectivity Inputs: 1 x 1/4-inch instrument jack, 1 x 3.5mm jack Aux in MIDI in, footswitch
Outputs: Speaker outputs: 5 x 1/4-inch jack sockets (16 Ohms load / 8 Ohms load / 4 Ohms load), 1 x 3.5mm jack emulated line out
ControlsClassic gain channel (gain, volume, clean crunch switch), ultra gain channel (gain, volume, OD1/OD2 switch), treble, middle, bass, tone shift switch, presence, resonance, reverb (classic gain channel), reverb (ultra gain channel), master select switch, master volume I, master volume II, loop on/off switch, low power option (on rear)
Effects loopYes, Send/Return
Speaker configuration1 x 12-inch
Speaker modelCelestion V-Type speaker (16 Ohms, 80w)
Unit impedance16 Ohms
Pre-amp valves3 x ECC83
Power amp valves1 x ECC83, 2 x EL34
Included Accessories PEDL-90012 Footswitch
Detachable power cable

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