Marshall MG 4-Way Stompware Footswitch

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Currently out of stock
  • Stompware allows multi function foot switching with nothing more complex than a simple guitar or speaker cables
  • Completely programmable to suit your preferences
  • Four assignable footswitches at your disposal
  • Simple to use and easy to read display panel
  • Built-in tuner function enables you to keep on top of your tuning
  • Compatible with the MG15FX, MG30FX, MG50FX, MG101FX, MG102FX, AND MG100HFX


The Marshall MG 4-Way Stompware Foot Controller is compatible with Marshall models: MG15FX, MG30FX, MG50FX, MG101FX, MG102FX and MG100HFX.

Marshall prides itself not only on its long history of being the worlds premiere amplifier manufacturer but also on its innovation and technological advances. Stompware is a revolutionary new switching system which actually allows you unrivalled functionality and seamless switching in a way that only Marshall knows how.

Previously it was not possible to have multiple functionality footswitches without multi pin cables or hardwired cables. The engineers at Marshall Amplification worked hard on trying to find a way of allowing the guitarist an easier option that removed the need to buy specific cabling or new leads from the amplifier manufacturer.

Stompware allows multi function foot switching with nothing more complex than a simple guitar or speaker cable, its patented design means that the weakest link between the amplifier and the footswitch can be replaced in an instant without the need for massive expense or specialist spares. What’s more where previously most foot controllers dictated to the guitarist how far away from the amplifier the footswitch could be the use of Stompware means that all you have to do is use a longer guitar or speaker cable to get the footswitch where you want it on the stage.

More than this Stompware technology offers the ability to assign the features you want on an amplifier so that the footswitch can recall the settings you want. Stompware actually allows you to decide what you want and how you want it. No more do you have to settle for the limited choice using Stompware you can recall the sparkling clean tone with that subtle chorus and reverb you needed at the beginning of your set and then with the step of a foot switch into the filthy distorted sound with a heavy phaser effect that you chose for the next part of the song you are playing.

Stompware is only available in selected Marshall Products and allows you access to every possibility live onstage at the press of a switch. By programming your settings before your gig or rehearsal you won’t have to tap-dance your way to your preferred setting just one decisive step. In addition to the Stompware aspect of the MG foot controller Marshall have also included a tuner function into the pedal with LCD readout to make sure keeping in tune is simple.

Model MG 4-Way Stompware Footswitch
Compatible ProductsMG15FX, MG30FX, MG50FX, MG101FX, MG102FX, and MG100HFX

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