Marshall MG15GR MG Gold Series Guitar Amplifier Combo

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Currently out of stock

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  • Excellent 15-watt combo delivers classic Marshall tone with gusto
  • Perfect for practising jamming, and performing intimate gigs with
  • Perfect for both active and passive powered pickups
  • Customary Marshall front panel with intuitive layout
  • Headphone output mutes speaker for silent practise wherever you are
  • MP3/line input for jamming and practising along to tracks
  • Channel select switch for selecting Clean or Overdrive channels
  • Custom voiced 8-inch speaker delivers tones with utmost clarity
  • Includes fixed power cable to get you up and running immediately


The Marshall MG15GR MG Gold Series Guitar Amplifier Combo is ideal for players who wants a compact and lightweight amp for practising solo or with the band, using in the jam room or performing intimate gigs. Boasting classic Marshall style and tone, the MG15GR has two channels (Clean and Overdrive) as well as built-in reverb. Whether you're just starting out or have years of experience under your fingers, the MG Gold Series MG15GR is an outstanding amp that suits all those all want to rock out.

Classic Marshall tones

The MG15GR is equipped to deliver the goods to produce a rich output that takes you everywhere from crisp cleans to raucous overdrive. The team at Marshall have gone to great lengths to ensure that this diminuitive amp can hold its own in a band scenario, cranking out astonishing power for a solid state 15-watt combo. The custom designed 8-inch speaker sings with a consistent energy whether you're playing at a low or high-volume level, translating the subtle nuances of your playing with the utmost clarity.

Across the front panel you'll find everything that you need to sculpt and shape your tone. The Clean volume knob allows you to attenuate the signal level from subtle to stark with ease. Next to this is the channel switch, which allows you to change between Clean and Overdrive with an LED indicator to let you know which state you're in (Clean - Green, Overdrive - Red). When you switch to Overdrive you have independent Gain and Volume knobs to play with. Raising the Gain cranks up the distortion from bristling to ferocious, whilst the Volume pushes up the levels to face-melting for epic riffing.

The three-band EQ controls consist of Bass, Middle and Treble, which give you increased power over your tone. Scoop out the Mids for classic thrash metal tones or beef them up for saturated blues licks - whatever you're looking for, this trio will help you find it.

Finally, you'll find the Reverb pot, which allows you to infuse your tone with lush reverb. Take it from the subtlest hint to a rapturous sonic soundscape that will flood any venue with cathedral like reverb. As with all other controls the pots provide smooth adjustment so that you can zone in on your tone with pinpoint accuracy.


The MG15GR is equipped with a headphone out connection to enable silent use whether you're at home, in the practise room, on the tour bus or warming up backstage before the gig. Connecting headphones helpfully mutes the internal speaker so that you can get on with business without disturbing anyone else. The addition of a line input allows external audio sources to be connected, so that you can jam along to your favourite songs, practise your chops along with a backing track, or simply listen to some tunes through a beefy amp and speaker.

Solid build quality

The Marshall MG15GR MG Gold Series Guitar Amplifier Combo is housed in a solid wooden enclosure, which is covered in Marshall's durable black vinyl with reinforced corners to protect against unwanted bumps and knocks. The stylish yet subtle gold panelling is classic Marshall, with gold beading around the speaker grille cloth that proudly bears the Marshall logo.

ModelMG15GR MG Gold Series Guitar Amplifier Combo
Dimensions (H x W x D) 370 x 375 x 195 mm
RangeMG Gold
TechnologySolid State
Channels2 (Split)
Output wattage15W
Connectivity Inputs: 1 x 1/4-inch jack instrument input, 1 x 3.5mm Aux in
Outputs: 1 x 3.5mm jack headphone output
Controls Clean volume, Channel Select Switch, Overdrive Gain, Overdrive Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble, Reverb
Speaker configuration1 x 8-inch
Speaker modelCustom Speakers (8 Ohms, 15W)
Unit impedance8 Ohms
Included AccessoriesFixed Power Cable

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