Martin SP 92/8 Phosphor Bronze Custom Light Acoustic Guitar Strings

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Currently out of stock
  • Custom light gauge offers the best of both worlds for a balanced playing feel and superb tone
  • Ideal for both fingerstyle players and heavy strummers alike
  • Phosphor bronze wire wrap produces a warmer, mellower tone
  • Long lasting lifespan afforded by high tensile-strength wire core with tin-plate
  • Superb corrosion resistance for improved endurance
  • Consistent tuning stability throughout every performance
  • Wound with precision for a smooth and seamless playing feel
  • Gauges: 1st E .011 to 6th E .052


Martin SP 92/8 Phosphor Bronze Custom Light Acoustic Guitar Strings are named "Superior Performance" for a very good reason. For a company who are no strangers to innovation, their SP Phosphor Bronze strings are endowed with some impressive specs. By employing the highest tensile-strength wire at the core of the string with tin-plate, the SP series boast excellent corrosion resistance. The high-quality phosphor bronze wrap wire produces a warmer, mellower tone than that of the traditional bronze string, offering a different tonal quality to suit individual tastes.

The Custom Light gauge of the 11-52s offers a delightfully balanced playing feel. By combining thinner string gauges on both the 1st and 6th strings with the light gauge B, G, D and A strings, your hands are less likely to experience fatigue. Whether you're fretting barre chords at the first fret or laying down deft arpeggios at the highest frets, you can do it all in style. The shimmering brilliance of the strings is assured, whilst the inclusion of phosphor bronze ensures a mellower and warmer character. Whether you're just starting out or have years of experience, everyone can benefit from the effortless playability of the Custom Light set.

Established way back in 1833, Martin have a wealth of experience when it comes to their craft. They are continually evolving to ensure that they are at the top of their game, and the SP 92/8 Phosphor Bronze Custom Light acoustic guitar strings set a fine example for others to follow.

ModelSP 92/8 Phosphor Bronze Custom Light Acoustic Guitar Strings
GaugeE .011 - B .015 - G .023 - D .032 - A .042 - E .052

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