Meinl Build Your Own Cajon Kit - Birch

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  • Build your own quality cajon with the Meinl Assembly Kit
  • When constructed, size is 11 3/4" W x 18" H x 11 3/4" D
  • Includes newly designed, carefully cut parts for easy assembly
  • Only additional tools needed are: screwdriver, hammer, pencil and ruler
  • Birch wood supplied to make up the resonance box and front plate of the cajon
  • Includes assembly instructions in five different languages
  • Comes complete with a snare effect
  • Superb value for money for expertly crafted parts


The CBA1S Assembly Kit comes equipped with all the parts you require to build your very own Meinl Cajon! For the keen DIY fan and percussionist, this is a fantastic gift idea at such a low price. Each component that is included with the kit has already been carefully cut to make its construction a very easy and enjoyable process. The only additional tools you require at home to build the Cajon are a screwdriver, hammer, pencil and ruler.


The first step is building the resonance box, and this is where the included tension belts will come in handy along with a pressing board. Meinl instructs you to place the planks facing downwards on the tension belts which should be parallel to one another, apply the adhesive glue (included) to the tongue of the wooden panels, and begin fitting the parts together. Once the parts are aligned and accurately fit together, you can use a wet cloth to remove any residual glue. After around 20 minutes, the glue should be completely dry.

Meinl supply a template for you to use, ensuring that your resonance box has perfect right angles in the right places. The tension belts will again be useful when strapped and fastened around the box, allowing you to double check the edges are all even.

Meinl includes all the necessary elements that are to be fitted on the interior of the resonance box to produce its superb Cajon sound. Using your pencil and ruler, you can mark out where to fit the nails and screws. As there is only one snare unit, this will need to be placed in the middle, and this is a crucial part of the assembly.

The final part of the assembly is when you can fit the front and rear panels to the resonance box, completing the construction of your Cajon. The Meinl logo should feature at the bottom of the front plate by the base of the Cajon. The Assembly Kit comes with sandpaper which you will need for the rear plate and soundhole, and the back panel can be added on last. Throughout the build, you must ensure that the edges are always flush and even, then at the end of the process you can sand the edges to round them off, particularly on the front plate which is to be your playing surface. Finish off by attaching the four feet to the bottom of the resonance box, and your Cajon is ready.

Once you have proudly built your new Cajon, it is recommended that you wax or oil the birch wood to protect the wood and keep it in a beautifully playable condition for many years.

ModelCajon Assembly Kit - Birch
Resonating bodyBirch
Dimensions (W x H x D)11 3/4" W x 18" H x 11 3/4" D
FinishNatural with Meinl branding

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