Meinl Headed Spark Shaker - Medium

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In stock and ready to dispatch!
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  • Headed steel shaker with coated steel pellets
  • Pod-like shape fits easily into the hand
  • Manipulate both finger position and angle of shaker to create different effects
  • Play individually or in combination with other shakers for greater tonal variations
  • Greater in volume compared to a traditional shaker
  • Medium sized, pocket friendly


The unique design of the Meinl Coated Spark Shaker makes it a very special percussive instrument. The pod-like shape of the shaker allows it to fit easily in the hand, enabling you to use it as a normal shaker with the coated steel pellets hitting the external perforated coated steel shell. However, the Spark Shaker design has a few tricks up its sleeve.

By adjusting your finger position whilst using the Spark Shaker, you can adjust the pitch created by the pellets, a feature that makes this little beauty highly versatile. As well as adjusting the pitch you can create sparkling, chirping, slashing, swishing, swashing tones that give the Spark Shaker a complex range of tones.

Not only does it sound great when played individually, but also pair it up with another Spark Shaker and you can create a rich tonal mix. Combine it with other Meinl Shakers, such as the Meinl Headed Spark Shaker, and let your creativity run wild. The possibilities are endless!

Whatever style of music you play, whatever level you're at, the Meinl Spark Shaker medium is easy to use and infinitely fun.

Manufacturer Meinl
Model Coated Spark Shaker Medium
Material Pellets: Coated steel
Shaker: Coated steel + Skin

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