Meinl Headliner Series String Cajon - Ash

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In stock and ready to dispatch!


In stock and ready to dispatch!
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  • High quality cajon that delivers powerful percussion
  • Ash front plate guarantees a comfortable playing surface with a highly resonant character
  • Medium density fibreboard resonating body delivers an exceptionally forceful output
  • Adjustable sizzle effect allows you to add your own subtle flavour
  • Huge dynamic range enables thorough creative control
  • Anti-slip sitting surface for total comfort during performances
  • Small yet perfectly formed so that you can take it wherever you go - gigs, to the park, festivals
  • Includes Allen key for making adjustments


The Meinl Percussion Headliner Series String Cajon with Ash frontplate, is a robust, full sounding and comfortable to play instrument that will impress the player and their audience alike. Do not be fooled by the discreet dimensions of the little wonder. As the saying goes, ‘big things come in small packages’.

Portable 'full kit' sound

The Cajon has shot up in popularity during the last year, making regular appearances at live gigs, in studios, as well as music videos, thanks to its portability and exceptional sound. For such a diminutive instrument, the cajon can provide a powerful rhythmic backbone to any musical style, and performing with one is incredibly easy. Whether you’re playing at home, going to a festival, hitting an open-mic night, or recording in the studio, the cajon is an exceptional percussive tool that gives greater breadth and texture to your music.

Clever use of woods

What sets the Meinl Headliner Cajon apart from the rest of the cajon crowd is it's combination of the Ash front plate and the eco-friendly medium density fibreboard body. As with guitars, a combination of woods rather than a single wood design is capable of producing a more harmonically rich sound for you to use.

The Meinl Headliner Cajon also comes with an adjustable "sizzle" effect for some fantastic accents when required.

Total comfort

The Meinl Headliner Cajon caters for the player's comfort too. Complete with an anti-slip sitting surface on the top of the 18" high cajon, which means you can sit in comfort while you play your portable kit beneath you.

For those that want a rich percussive set-up without the bulk of extra hardware, the Meinl Percussion Headliner Series String Cajon with Ash frontplate offers an impressive solution.

ModelHCAJ1AWA Headliner Cajon
Resonating bodyMedium density fibreboard
Dimensions (W x H x D)11.75 x 18 x 12.5"
  • Adjustable top corners
  • Adjustable sizzle effect
  • Anti-slip sitting surface
  • Wide sound options
Included AccessoriesAllen Key

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