Mirage Cajon SL

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  • Ideal way of introducing yourself to playing the cajon
  • 22-inch full-size cajon constructed from solid, durable hardwood
  • Features a smooth front plate finish
  • Snare-style strings produce beautiful percussive sounds
  • Strings can be adjusted via the soundhole in the rear panel
  • Built-in sleigh bells add extra sonic dimension
  • Cajon comes with rubber feet for a stable grip beneath you
  • Includes a padded rubber sitting mat to use as you wish
  • Top quality cajon at a reasonable, low price


This traditional box-shaped instrument has come to life, becoming more and more popular over the years. This percussion instrument brings its Peruvian roots for the world to enjoy. Mirage offer you this Natural Cajon in Zebrawood, Bubinga and Birch effect finish, the perfect way of introducing yourself to playing a cajon.

Percussion Introduction

The Mirage Cajon is ideal for an entry level player, plus it is really economically priced to help get you into percussion. Mirage have ensured a durable, comfortable build, using solid hardwood to construct the resonance box. The front plate offers a smooth playing feel, and finished off with the decorative Mirage logo.

Portable Drumming

Having a cajon takes out all the hassle and additional hardware of a drum kit. The Mirage cajon is incredibly portable which is ideal for any travelling musician. Whether you're laying down the foundations of a track in the studio, or playing an acoustic set, the Mirage Cajon is a versatile instrument to suit any musician.


The Mirage Cajon SL produces a vast range of superb tones thanks to the solid hardwood build and the snare-style strings fitted to the interior. It's easy to adjust the snare-style strings via the soundhole in the rear plate of the resonance box. A great feature of this cajon is that it has built-in sleigh bells to add depth and authenticity to your percussive sound.

The cajon is built to a high standard, including rubber feet to maintain a sturdy grip and enhance stability while you play. Mirage also supply a padded rubber sitting mat that you can place at the top of the cajon to make playing more comfortable.

ModelCajon SL
Resonating bodySolid Hardwood
Dimensions (W x H x D)30 x 50 x 30cm

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