Moog DFAM Semi-Modular Analog Percussion Synthesizer

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  • Easy to use semi-modular synth enable anyone to create amazing impactful rhythms
  • Pure analog sound engine for incredible sound and life-long durability
  • Ultra-wide range sound generation from subtly pulsing cadences to floor-splitting bass
  • Dynamically sculpt your sound with a low pass or high pass ladder filter
  • 8-step analog sequencer for continuous control over each note
  • Explore modular patching or connect to a Mother-32 to create a 3-oscillator leviathan
  • Capable of linking to other units to create evocative compositions
  • External audio input to process any audio through the DFAM's analog circuits


Moog DFAM (drummer from another mother) Semi-Modular Analog Percussion Synthesizer is a highly-interactive, Semi-Modular Analog Percussion Synthesizer and an inspirational alternative from the traditional drum machine. Painstakingly handcrafted by skilled engineers at the Moog Factory, the DFAM presents an expressive hands-on approach to percussive pattern creation. No experience is necessary to begin making incredible beats and bass.

100% Analog

DFAM’s emotive sound begins with a white noise generator and two wide-range analog oscillators. Oscillator hard sync and FM cross-modulation invite smooth transitions amongst rhythmic pulsations, complex sounding beats and basslines can be produced in seconds. DFAM’s distinctive voice is then shaped by a versatile Moog Ladder filter with two selectable modes - Low Pass mode imparts impact and dimension to each sound it touches, while High Pass mode opens the door to naturally expressive strikes.

Living, breathing rhythm

DFAM behaves like a living organism thanks to the analog engine, reacting in different ways to different people so that you get a totally unique sound. This is made possible due to 3 dedicated analog envelopes working dynamically with the sequencer to ensure that each element can sound out organically.

Each Moog DFAM comes complete with a package of patch cables that unlock access to the 24-point modular patch bay. Use it to create new and bizarre sounds, synchronize an unlimited number of DFAM and Mother-32 units together, or fully integrate your existing analog instruments. With the Moog DFAM Semi-Modular Analog Percussion Synthesizer, the edge of the universe is the limit.

ModelSemi-Modular Analog Percussion Synthesizer
Dimensions12.57”W x 4.21“H (with knobs) x 5.24“D
Weight 3.5lbs
Sound EngineAnalog
Analog Sequencer8-Steps With Pitch and Velocity Per-Step
Sequencer Panel ControlsTempo, Run/Stop, Trigger, Advance
Sound Sources 2 Oscillators With Square and Triangle Waveforms
1 White Noise Generator
1 External Audio Input
Frequency Control+/- 5 Octaves (10 Octave Range)
MixerLevel controls for Oscillator 1, Oscillator 2 and White Noise/External Audio Input
Filter20Hz-20KHz Switchable Low Pass / High Pass 4-Pole Transistor Ladder Filter
Envelopes VCO EG w/ Voltage Controlled Decay and Bipolar Amount Control
VCF EG w/ Voltage Controlled Decay and Bipolar Amount Control
VCA EG w/ Voltage Controlled Decay and Selectable Fast/Slow Attack Time
Patch bay24x 3.5mm Jacks
Audio Outputs¼” TS Line / ¼” TRS Headphones (Shared Output Jack)

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