MXR Carbon Copy Mini Analog Delay Guitar Effects Pedal

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Currently out of stock
  • Get the dark, mellow wash of the famous Carbon Copy in a tight package
  • All-analogue circuit with rich bucket-brigade warmth
  • Up to 600ms of delay available with plenty of scope for tweaking
  • Classic three knob layout makes setting up and sound sculpting a doddle
  • Mod switch lets you add colour to your sound, adjustable internally by removing the bottom plate
  • Bright switch adds sparkle and clarity, accentuating the delay signal's high end frequencies


The MXR Carbon Copy Mini Analog Delay Guitar Effects Pedal is a miniature version of an indispensable piece of kit that has found its place rightful place on many guitarists pedalboards. Whether you want to play country or metal, jazz or rockabilly, the versatility of the Carbon Copy makes it a force to be reckoned with all housed in a unit that will fit on even the busiest of pedalboards.

All-analogue circuitry

The all-analogue circuit of the MXR Carbon Copy ensures that your tone is handled in the kindest way, retaining all the subtle harmonic nuances to guarantee maximum fidelity throughout its journey in your pedal. Coveted bucket-brigade technology is built-in to create a lush, textured response that introduces delay into your signal whilst retaining the unique character of your dry signal.

There is up to 600ms of delay time available, giving you a wide range of tonal possibilities to play around with. Anywhere from a quick-fire slapback effect - perfect for enhancing your rockabilly and country chicken pickin' tones - to huge, enveloping soundscapes that could swallow you whole.

Simple yet powerful control

Control over the pedal couldn't be simpler, with a highly responsive three-knob layout that gives a huge range of tones to play with. The REGEN knob allows you to set the number of repeats, the Mix knob controls the blend of your wet (post-effect) and dry (pre-effect) signals, whilst the Delay knob sets the length of delay time. Between these three, you have everything you need to create mind-bending sounds. The additional Mod switch toggles modulation on/off (with a useful LED to indicate when the Mod switch is active). The Modulation width and speed can be adjusted internally, giving you further control over the range of tones you can pull from this beauty. On the side of the pedal, you'll find the Bright switch that gives more sparkly and clarity to the tone of your delay.

The MXR Carbon Copy Mini Analog Delay Guitar Effects Pedal houses all the staple rock 'n' roll warmth with an elegant simplicity that has endeared it to guitar players around the world. The tiny footprint makes it great for travelling, or for those who have an already packed pedalboard.

ModelCarbon Copy Mini Analog Delay
Input Impedance1 M Ohm
Output Impedance1 k Ohm
Max Input Level+5 dBV, 500 Hz
Max Output Level+8 dBV
Mix at Max CW-96 dBV
Mix at Max CCW-104 dBV
Delay Distortion<1%, 1 kHz -5 dBV Input
Delay Time20 ms to 600 ms
Noise Reduction2:1 ratio
Modulation Speed0.2 Hz to 2.2 Hz
BypassTrue Hardwire
Current Draw26 mA
Power Supply9 volts DC

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