MXR Sub Octave Bass Fuzz JD-M287 Bass Guitar Effects Pedal

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  • MXR Sub Octave Fuzz pedal for bass guitar
  • Three independent level controls for dry/sub octave/fuzz
  • Mid-level control enables greater clarity for dry signal
  • Fuzz section Bass and Treble tone controls enable greater tonal flexibility
  • Gain and Fuzz level controls provide plenty of aggression when needed
  • Pedalboard-friendly design gives you masses of potential in compact form
  • Rugged construction makes this perfect for touring professionals


The MXR Sub Octave Bass Fuzz JD-M287 Bass Guitar Effects Pedal gives you a versatile tonal palette to play with in a pedal-friendly single unit. The dual channel design boasts two different fuzzes, a roaring sub octave signal, three separate output level controls for fuzz, sub octave and dry signals, and the same rugged design we've come to know from the team at MXR.

Huge possibilities

The MXR Sub Octave Bass Fuzz takes your signal, and gives you the option to blend together your dry signal along with the two fuzz options via the level controls. If you're looking for a deep and dirty snarl that is reinforced by articulate note definition, no problem. The Dry volume control can be adjusted, and the Mid-Level control attenuated to give your Dry signal greater clout alongside the fuzz effect.

The Sub Octave control allows you to create greater separation with regard the Sub and Dry signals for a more pronounced effect from tight and compact to wide and spacious.

The Fuzz section is controlled by the Gain and Fuzz level pots, which gives you the ability to infuse a healthy dose of aggression into your tone. Looking to emulate your greatest hard rock and metal heroes? The Sub Octave Bass Fuzz is the perfect choice to get the job done. There are also two switchable voices with Bass and Treble pots that can be manipulated to get a warm and compressed or bright and gnarly character. As you can see, this dynamic little demon has everything you need to master a wide range of tones.

Solid MXR construction

The stylish yet understated finish is underpinned by MXR's customary solid build quality. Whether this is to become a studio mainstay or a pedalboard regular, you can rest assured that it will become you weapon of choice for years to come.

ModelSub Octave Bass Fuzz JD-M287 Bass Guitar Effects Pedal
Controls Gain
Sub Octave
Power supply9V DC power supply required (sold separately)

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