NEO Acoustics 12A Speaker and Sub15 Subwoofer 2.1 Package

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  • Everything you need for a live sound setup in one handy bundle
  • Two NEO Acoustics 12A Speakers, powerful and lightweight
  • Powerful Class-D Amplifier delivers 800W peak power (400W RMS)
  • NEO Acoustics Sub15 Active Subwoofer with DSP - 15 inch
  • Powerful subwoofer gives 550W of RMS with Peak Power of 1200W
  • Alto ZMX 122FX Zephyr 8 Channel Compact Mixer
  • Sixteen total inputs with four mic inputs with switchable phantom power
  • Pair of QTX collapsible speaker stands with a protective transport bag
  • Two Stagg SAC10PXM XLR to Mono Jack and two Stagg SMC10 XLR to XLR leads


The NEO Acoustics 12A Speaker and Sub15 Subwoofer Bundle contains two NEO Acoustics 12A full-range loudspeakers, NEO Acoustics Sub15 Active Subwoofer, Alto ZMX 122FX Mixer, Essentials Speaker Stands with Bag, two Stagg SAC10PXM DL 10m XLRM to Mono Jack cables and two Stagg SMC10 XLR Leads, you have everything you need to get setup with a live sound system.

NEO Acoustics 12A Active PA Speaker

The NEO Acoustics 12A Active PA Speaker is a powerful and lightweight full-range loudspeaker system designed for small to medium-sized venues. Coming in at a fantastic price point these speakers are rugged enough for the road and deliver a full and natural sound.

With a Class-D amplifier, the NEO Acoustics 12A packs 800W of peak power, 400W RMS (LF300W/HF/100W) making it more than adequate for small and medium-sized venues. The 1x12-inch woofer gives you clarity of sound and will translate your audio with power and presence and a 2.3kHz crossover ensures your mix will cut through without muddiness. On the rear of the speaker, there are Bass and Treble knobs to allow you to sculpt your sound further, perfect for when you're playing a variety of venues.

With two input channels, you get a variety of connectivity options. On Channel 1 you have a line/XLR in and an XLR mix out, perfect for a variety of instruments, mixers and consoles. Channel 2 has an XLR in alongside RCA in giving you further connectivity options. With built-in Bluetooth, the NEO Acoustics 12A speaker lets you pair any Bluetooth capable device to the speaker, ensuring no matter what the situation you're always armed and ready.

The NEO Acoustics 12A is housed in a rugged plastic casing that's more than adept at dealing with life on the road. It has a built-in carry handle on the side and can be used as either front of house or an onstage wedge monitor. Whether it's a pub, a club, rehearsal space or anywhere else clarity of sound is needed, the NEO Acoustics 12A Active PA Speaker will be a welcome addition to any sound system.

NEO Acoustics Sub15 Active Subwoofer with DSP

The Neo Acoustics Sub15 Active Subwoofer with DSP is an active full range subwoofer with a 15-inch Woofer that packs a whopping 550W RMS of Amp Power. With a plywood and MDF housing that's been sandblasted this Subwoofer is rugged enough for the road and powerful enough to deliver some serious low end.

The Class-D Amplifier gives you a room-shaking 550W RMS and Peak Power of 1200W, meaning the NEO Acoustics Sub15 Active Subwoofer can comfortably handle a variety of scenarios giving you a dynamic and natural sound with minimal distortion. A frequency response between 30Hz and 200Hz gives plenty of low-end scope, great for when you want to feel that sub depth bass. The onboard DSP has powerful 24-bit processing with 48 kHz Sampling Frequency to ensure the earth-shattering bass is delivered with clarity. The SPL of 124dB means this sub's presence will be felt just as well as it is heard.

Constructed with durability in mind, the Plywood/MDF housing has been sprayed on the surface and sandblasted to ensure you can rely on this sub when you take it on the road. Even with the constant load in and load out the enclosure will make certain the electronics are secure and the unit will keep looking pristine.

Alto ZMX 122FX ZEPHYR Compact Mixer

If you're looking for a small scale mixer perfect for live use, the Alto ZMX122FX will most probably fit the bill. The Alto ZMX 122 FX Zephyr Compact Mixer is an affordable and highly portable mixer, providing an 8-channel, 2-bus layout with plenty of routing options and a built-in FX section. The Alto ZMX 122FX Compact Mixer will hopefully suit your every need.

Four XLR inputs let you connect microphones of varying types to this mixer while two balanced stereo inputs let you connect even more gear, you can connect anything from keyboards, drum machines, and practically anything else with a line signal. These features help you to create a superb live performance or some innovative studio work.

The Alto ZMX 122FX also features an Aux port, which can give you a multitude of different options in your performances. It's compatible with and MP3 Player, CD Player, or any other audio device such as your phone or tablet. The AUX sends allow you to send audio straight from your mixer to a digital effects unit, stage monitor, TV screen, or any other audio sources, which gives the Alto ZMX 122FX Zephyr amazing versatility at any venue, anywhere in the world.

Each of the channels features a 3 band EQ section and the possibility to add 24-bit effects, designed in conjunction with Alesis. With high headroom and low noise a priority in the design of this product, you can be sure it's a reliable and high quality piece of gear ideal for your set up.

Stands and Cables

In the NEO Acoustics 12A Speaker and Sub12 Subwoofer bundle you get a durable set of PA speaker stands from QTX with a black aluminium finish. Great for getting the most out of your PA speakers the stands scan be adjusted from 1m to 1.85m. With a maximum load capacity of 40kg per stand they can also accommodate a wide variety of speakers. Includes a protective bag for convenient transport.

It's no good having all this gear and no way to hook it up but we've got you covered. The SAC10PXM is 10 metres in length and is perfect for amplifier to speaker connectivity. The connectors are designed to create a flush seal in any socket, maximising surface area for a reassuringly secure feel. The cable is screened against unwanted noise or interference, minimising the chance of your recording or PA signal being affected. You also get the Stagg SMC10, which is a strong and long female XLR to male XLR lead. The adapters are designed to take all the abuse that gigging brings whilst the massive length of the cable gives you total freedom to move about on stage.

With an exhaustive list of quality components this bundle takes the hassle out of shopping around for individual items and gives you everything you need to get your PA system up and running, whether you're travelling around doing shows or you need a solution for your venue or rehearsal space you'll find everything you need in one handy package.

ManufacturerNEO Acoustics
Model12A Active PA Speaker
Frequency Response55Hz-20kHz
Sensitivity (1m/1w)92dB
Impedance4 Ohms
Woofer12-Inch, 50mm
Driver1-inch Titanium
EQTreble, Bass
Amp TypeLF Class D / HF Class AB
Amp PowerLF300W / HF100W RMS
Peak PowerLF600W / HF200W RMS
THD< = 0.05%
ProtectionsOver Temp, Over Load, DC Protect, Over Voltage, Low Voltage, Soft start
Dimension435 x 380 x 660mm
ManufacturerNEO Acoustics
ModelSub12 Active Subwoofer with DSP
Speaker TypeActive SUB Speaker
Frequency range30Hz-200Hz
Sensitivity (1m/1w)96.5dB
Impedance4 Ohms
Woofer15-Inch, 100mm
DSP48 kHz Sampling Frequency, 24-bit
Amp TypeClass D
Amp Power550W RMS
Peak Power1200W
THD< = 0.1%
ProtectionsOver Temp, Over Load, DC Protect, Over Voltage, Low Voltage, Soft start
Dimension610 x 540 x 620mm
ModelZMX 122FX ZEPHYR Compact Mixer
Dimensions (H x W x D)72 x 256 x 250 mm
Connectivity Input:
  • Mic x 4 (XLR input)
  • Line x 8 (4 Mono 2 Stereo pairs 1/4" Jack)
  • Aux x 1 (stereo RCA input)
  • Master Out x 1 (2 1/4" Jacks L + R)
  • Control Room Out x 1 (2 1/4" Jacks L + R)
  • Aux Send x 2 (1/4" Jack)
  • Headphone Monitor Out x 1 (1/4" Stereo Jack)
  • Aux out x 1 (stereo RCA output)
Frequency Response 20 Hz ~ 22 kHz
Input Power18V, 1500mA
Signal to Noise Ratio>110 dBu
Included AccessoriesPower adapter
Digital Effects24bit (Reverbs, Chorus, Delays, DSP)

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