Neo Oyaide d+ Firewire Cable

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From: £34.99


Currently out of stock
  • High performance Firewire cable with up to 800Mbps transfer speed
  • Silver plated oxygen-free copper wiring for low resistance
  • Tin plated wire and aluminium tape shielding for enhanced protection from electro-magnetic interference
  • 24K gold plated bronze alloy terminals
  • Fibreglass and PBT terminal housing for extended durability
  • Foam polythene insulation and thermoplastic elastometers


For the fastest and most accurate form of data transfer when using audio interfaces, the Neo Oyaide d+ Firewire Cable employs several unique features that ensures your digital data is protected from all potential external interference and manages to do it with style.

Firewire is an incredibly popular choice for audio interfaces due to the large amount of data that can be sent. The d+ Firewire Cable is made using a Silver-coating OFC (Oxygen-Free Copper) conductor for minimal resistance. This is then covered with a combination of double shielding, twist-pair structure, and TPE outer sheath so that no audio or electrical cables can cause interference.

Precious metals

The terminals of the Neo Oyaide d+ Firewire Cable are crafted using a 24K gold coating over bronze alloy, again for an ultra-low resistance. The terminals are both encased in a durable fibreglass and PBT terminal housing.

If you use high-end audio gear and need a lightening cable that will get the best out of your recording system, the Neo Oyaide d+ Firewire Cable makes an excellent choice.

ManufacturerNeo Oyaide
Model Named+ FireWire
FinishBlack and Silver
Cable IEEE1394a (FireWire/i.link) /IEEE1394b(9pin-9pin FireWire800)
Transfer Speed Maximum 400Mbps / Maximum 800Mbps(only 9pin-9pin FireWire800)
Bandwidth FireWire (IEEE 1394) 100 / 98.304 Mbit/s
FireWire (IEEE 1394) 200 / 196.608 Mbit/s
FireWire (IEEE 1394) 400 / 393.216 Mbit/s
Conductor Silver plated OFC (Oxygen Free Copper)
Structure Twist-pair and Inverted concentric structure
Shielding Separated double shield (tin plated wire + aluminium tape)
Insulation Foam Polyethylene
Outer Thermoplastic Elastomers
Connector IEEE1394 6pin connector(Type A) and IEEE1394 9pin connector(Type B)
Terminals 24K gold plated bronze alloy
Body PBT + Fibreglass 30% and Aluminium

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