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Cornets are like Trumpets in terms of construction; however, they differ in shape, size, and tone. The Cornet is mellower in its sound than the Trumpet, thanks to its conical bore. The Cornet got its valves before the trumpet, which meant that it was used for more melodic passage whilst the Trumpet had a ‘fanfare’ approach to its written parts, however nowadays the Cornet and Trumpet can both play the same fingerings and notes.


The Cornet is great for beginner players looking to make their first foray into the wide world of Orchestral Music. It is easier to hold with its centre of gravity closer to the player making it great for younger musicians who do not have the strength to hold a full-size brass instrument. Like the Trumpet, the Cornet is played by ‘buzzing’ your lips which creates a standing wave in the tubing of the instrument.


At Dawsons Music & Sound we have a wealth of options whether you are just making your first steps or looking to upgrade your current instrument. We’ve Cornets from Yamaha, Stagg, Odyssey, Jupiter and many more so you are always guaranteed high quality when you purchase from us. We have Cornets in Eb, and Bb and we even have the revolutionary plastic Cornet from pBone, an ingenious invention that results in a lighter weight as well as saving on costs.

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