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Euphoniums are a medium-sized, 3 or 4-valve musical instrument that is part of the brass family. The name Euphonium literally translates as “sweet-toned”, so-called thanks in no small part to the fat and lengthy tubing that produces a round, warm, velvety sound. Euphoniums can be found in orchestras, marching bands, concert bands, British-style brass bands, and more.


How do Euphoniums work?


Sound is produced in the same manner as other brass instruments and that is by buzzing the lips on the mouthpiece. The combination of air circulation and lip vibration through the tubing and valve network creates the sound before springing forth from the bell.


Euphoniums are generally considered to have a very usable middle range with a wide tonal range falling short of extreme highs and lows. A range of notes can be achieved simply by manipulating the buzz of the lips. Pressing a valve lowers the range of the Euphonium by - essentially - extending the length of tubing.


Euphonium vs Tuba


Though some confuse the two, Euphoniums and Tubas are not the same instrument. For a start, the tubing of a tuba is twice that of a Euphonium and produces a sound that is exactly one octave lower. Plus, the mouthpiece of a tuba is considerably bigger.


At Dawsons Music & Sound we stock Euphoniums by leading brands including Yamaha, Odyssey, Stagg, Jupiter, and more.

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