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The Trombone is part of the brass family and produces sound when the player vibrates their lips, causing the instrument to vibrate. The Trombone is unique in that it does not have traditional valves of brass instruments, but instead uses a telescoping slide mechanism that varies the length of the instrument to change pitch.


The mouthpiece of the Trombone is very similar to those of the baritone horn and the trumpet, a removable, cup-shaped piece with a venturi, a small constriction that adds resistance. The Trombone features prominently in classical, as well as jazz and pop music. Whether its Pink Floyd, Tom Waits or the Beach Boys the unique tone and timbre of the Trombone has a permanent place in both music history, and its future.


At Dawsons Music & Sound we have loads of options with Tenor, Bass and various keys and pitches, ensuring you’re ready to go no matter what the style or situation. Some of the biggest brands in Orchestral Music are pleased to call Dawsons home, with Yamaha, Odyssey, Jupiter, Stagg and many more all on our website. We even have a unique set of plastic trombones, giving you all the great tonal qualities of brass in a much lighter and cheaper package.

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